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Awakening Coaching is a talking therapy based on consciousness upgrades and energy processes that allow you to listen deeply to the calling of your heart, release old patterns that no longer serve you, wounds, traumas or old emotions, and open up to more of who you really are.

It is truly powerful and transformative, and it facilitates you in starting to love the life you truly want to live and to actualise your life purpose.

If there are specific issues that you would like to have clarity on, or things you would like to release, we can focus one or more sessions on those issues, however if there isn’t anything urgent or specific, we would follow a coaching path which involves 7 phases.

These are the 7 STAGES of Paola’s transformational coaching: A B C D E F

A. Activate your heart’s true desires.

B. Become who you really are.

C. Complete your past, so you can be free from old wounds and conditioning.

D. Dissolve old identities and roles, which don’t reflect who you truly are.

E. Envision your life new with clarity and direction.

F. Focus on your True Self to stay centred in your love and wisdom.

G. Get out of your mind, and into your heart.

A coaching sessions usually last two hours, and if there is time at the end it is complemented with Reiki, so that all the beautiful shifts in consciousness that happen during the session, can be integrated within the body with ease and grace.

Awakening coaching can be done in person or via video call.

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Dr. Paola Bisicchia used to be a Researcher in Molecular Biology and Genetics, and is now a fully certified Transformational Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher and Energy Healer and Massage Therapist. Paola’s Healing sessions provide deep, fast and lasting transformations

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Paola Bisicchia
May 14, 2021

dear Irene, thank you for your message. Yes with awakening coaching we could definitely address this issue. It will be my honour to assist you with this difficult challenge, if you feel called to have a session. Please email me at and we can schedule a session. Looking forward to hearing from you soon, kind regards, Paola

Irene Hudson
May 14, 2021

your session will help me to get rid of the guilt of someone who has left our world…,? it torments me and nothing helps me.

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