Awaken Your Divine Feminine Goddess Meditation

$25 USD
$25 USD

In order to return to wholeness, there needs to be a return to true balance by feeling your feelings and emotions in order to unlock the full potential of your whole and complete self. It’s time to embrace the unique nurturing qualities of the heart. Through honoring your divine feminine you can fully realign and bring back into balance your complete Divine Self.

Nature teaches us that all things are rebirthed anew after the death of the old. Women create life, and through this birth cycle the divine feminine emerges giving birth to new expressions of life and love by way of creativity, love, intuition, forgiveness, harmony and beauty.

The sacred feminine has been suppressed far too long. The divine masculine can only go so far without it’s divine goddess. For the qualities of the divine feminine is what’s been missing from our lives.

In this meditation you are brought to healing aspects of yourself that may have felt unloved, abandoned or incomplete. Heal yourself by awakening to the experience of the true love you deserve. You are being called back to love! You are being called back to YOU!

Awaken Your Divine Feminine Goddess Meditation
Format: Recording
Duration: 1hr 3 min's

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I am an Ascension Guide here to help those going through the Ascension process on their Spritual Journey. Through my guidance, you will know why you're experiencing the many life changes and what they mean for your soul's evolution.

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