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Intuitive Esoteric Astrology + Reading Energy Centers & Channels in the body in terms of your Stars, in order to guide the soul along its evolutionary process. Connecting with the divine aspects of the many archetypes you embody. A reiki infused process that may include channeled art if that interests you !


Healing from the inner being

Connection to Oneness

Non-dual awareness

Recharging your energy

Solving unrealised blockages & sources of pain

Clearing, Balancing, Upgrading for energy centers and meridians

Acceleration of your spiritual ascension

Unifying the Yin & Yang, the Ba & Ka, the divine masculine and feminine energies within ourselves

Realization + Experience of the I AM ; infinity of consciousness/void in union

Astrology for the Soul ~ Ascension astrology views the natal chart from the perspective of the soul’s evolutionary journey. The zodiacal wheel points to energetic undercurrents whose signatures and relationships may be read in many layers and dimensions.

I use esoteric archetypes and combine multiple systems of astrological knowledge + intuition to view the consciousness/energetic system and help point to activations.

We can gain deep clarity on soul wounds and soul gifts, view past present and future potentials which aligned you to this now, and explore the soul’s highest intentions in forming this incarnation.

Astrology is the language of the stars and quantum reality. The natal chart is of infinite complexity and reveals how the geometries of the language of sound& light have vibrated your world into being 💗♾💎

This reading focuses on your emphasised higher archetypes, your higher purpose, your innate psychic circuitry and channels, and all else that comes through for you intuitively.

What you are aware of and open to determines what you are able to focus on to create a shift in the quantum fields, which then has the possibility to be brought into physical reality.

Please indicate which topics are of interest to you and what you are looking for from this session. Feel free to ask and share as much as you feel called to. I will be glad to answer any questions. Thank you~


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I share energy healing intuitive natal chart readings through which I teach creation mechanics, combining an understanding of consciousness and astral dynamics I receive through studying and practicing meditation, yoga nidra, reiki, kabbalistic, vedic & western astrology, gene keys, human design, and mythology and religious texts from as many cultures as I have become aware of thus far.

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Michelle Collins
May 13, 2021

Hello! I would like to know exactly how the sessions go. Thanks in advance!

$111 USD
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$111 USD