Akashic Records Consultation

healing session
$150 USD
$150 USD

The Akashic Records are energetic records that hold information about our past, present and future lives. Each soul has its own unique Akashic Records, which serve as powerful resources when we engage with their wisdom.

I connect with your personal Akashic Records and relay information in a gentle and loving way. I am the channel for the Masters to deliver the information requested and needed for your highest and best interest at that moment in time.

You are able to receive information surrounding your purpose and how to release old patterns that no longer serve you. The Akashic Records are a great tool to provide greater clarity, insight and healing into your life.

​The benefits of having an Akashic Records consultation are :

  • Expanding your consciousness
  • Guidance and forward momentum
  • Clarity and insight
  • Alignment with you Inner Being / Soul / Life purpose
  • Healing
  • Releasing anything holding you back
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I am an energy medicine pratitioner, Akashic Records consultant, meditation guide, and mindset & life coach. I transitioned from being an RN into doing energy healing. I want to help you heal the root of your issues to provide long lasting change. I believe we have the power to heal ourselves and can manifest the life of our dreams into our current reality.

4 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2021


Spiritual Healing
Energy Healing
Nearest available time:
Oct 6, 2023, 15:00
$111 USD
healing session

We are all energetic beings. When energy and emotions are not processed or cleared they build up in our energetic fields and create blockages. Over time these blockages continue to accumulate, which leads to disease and problems in the physical body. Through clearing this stagnant energy, physical aliments and diseases can be treated and cured. I will clear you energy and channel divine healing energy into your vessel for your highest good.

​I am merely the vessel that divine healing energy comes through into this realm. My hands are guided by Spirit to transmit this energy into different areas into your body and energetic field. Clients often comment on feeling warmth or heat when the energy enters their space. During your session I will clear the energy in your aura, channel divine healing energy, and add a layer of energetic protection to your aura.

To accomplish this I use a combination of energy healing techniques learned from the three healers I have studied under. I have spent more than three months studying with traditional Balinese healers, in particular Ibu Jero, whom I apprenticed with.

Jenna DiMaggio
Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)
Breathwork (Pranayama)
Nearest available time:
Oct 6, 2023, 15:00
$55 USD
coaching session

In order to control the mind, we must learn to conrol the breath.

The mind is like a lake. When the water of the lake is calm and clear you are able to see the true reflection of yourself. When there are waves it disortorts the reflection. When the lake is muddy you can't see clearly.

We can use breathwork to clear the mind and our energetic field. Allow us to have greater clarity and peace in our lives.

I will coach you through two different breathwork technqiues to be able to feel calm, centered and clear within.

Jenna DiMaggio
Guided Meditation
Guided Meditation
Nearest available time:
Oct 6, 2023, 15:00
$55 USD
coaching session

In today's society we are always on the go. Leading to increased levels of stress, depression, and anxiety. We all want more peace, yet no one takes time to slow down.

Meditation is a great practice to cultivate a greater sense of peace and stillness in your life. It assists in calming the mind to better deal with life's situations. When you learn to control the mind you can control all aspects of your life.

I will guide you through different meditation techniques to deeper and strengthen your practice. Depeding on your intention for this practice I can also guide you through a customized guided medtiation for healing, guidance, and/or insight.

Jenna DiMaggio
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Michelle Collins2021-05-21 19:09 UTC

Hello! I would like to know exactly how the session goes. Thank you in advance!

Jess Rogers2021-05-21 14:56 UTC

Can you send me some instructions what should i take with me to this session?

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