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A Journey Through the Chakras

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Online workshop over 21 days: Access to 21 Youtube videos of 90 min to 120 min each.

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Chakras are the “lungs” of the subtle energy body that contain vital information affecting us on: Physical, Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual levels. Our habit patterns, thoughts, emotions, physical and spiritual well-being are determined by the programming contained in these energy centres. The experience of well-being on all levels, spiritual awakening and manifesting our needs in the material world all depend on how open and balanced these chakras are.

In this course, we will work with the 7 major chakras that will enable you to awaken and transform the ‘hidden’ code within yourself. In this 21 day journey our study of chakras with practices both from the Yogic
and Taoist traditions will enable you to unravel your own issues, be they physical, mental or emotional.

You will study:

  1. Yoga Sequences to balance each of the 7 chakras
  2. Qi Gong practices to awaken and balance the chakras
  3. Meridians and their relationship with Chakras
  4. Chakras with Yin Yoga
  5. Breathing and Pranayama practices to balance chakras
  6. Meditation with focus on specific chakras

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Shilpa, the founder of Yogshakti, renowned for its INTEGRATIVE YOGA approach, has more than 35 years of expertise in Yoga. In 1997, she became a certified yoga teacher in the Himalayan tradition at Swami Rama’s Institute of Yogic Sciences Honesdale, USA.
Yogshakti is a registered Yoga Alliance (USA) school licenced to provide teacher training programs both internationally and in Malaysia.

36 years of practice
On Core Spirit since August 2021

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Aug 16, 2021

Hi Anna, Since it is pre-recorded online videos you can access them anywhere and anytime at your convenience.

Anna Ginger
Aug 14, 2021

Sessions have to take place every day?

$390 USD
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$390 USD