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10 week path to calmness

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“Are you ready to manage your chronic
pain and the stresses that come with it?”
This 10 week Program is perfect for you.
This path is designed to help you approach stress differently by using my four R’s.
This is where you begin your 10-week path to calmness.

You’re increasingly worried that your chronic pain is affecting your everyday life
You’re spending your nights (and maybe days) in bed just waiting for it to pass
You feel that it’s dominating your life, both at work and socially
You feel you’ve tried everything you can but that nothing seems to work
You’re upset and angry when just a simple walk leaves you feeling weak and tired
You just feel like nothing seems to be going your way
You’re worried about what chronic pain might do for your future

Well, you are not alone, even if it feels like that at times, I get it…

We all have setbacks, but it’s how we deal with them.

What the outcome will be after you’ve completed my 10-week program

Recognising external triggers that aggravate your pain
Revising these external triggers and getting clarity on any internal triggers and learning to avoid then, so they don’t increase your pain
Rebooting, by trying new methods to help manage your pain, for example: what you can eat or drink to help control your pain, meditating and self care – eradicating some things that do not help
Ultimately Reviving yourself by finding the right day to day life that makes you happy…

What’s included:

kick off call
9 modules
5x coaching sessions
5x relaxation/hypnosis sessions

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Hello and Welcome!
I’m Stephanie, I became a life coach because I have a passion for helping others.
I help women manage their chronic pain by using techniques designed to relieve the added stress and anxiety that chronic pain can cause.

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Irene Hudson
Apr 26, 2021

hello! How soon after the start of sessions will i feel the first results? i really want to get back to normal as soon as possible…

$3000 USD
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$3000 USD