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1-to-1 Meditation and Mindfulness Session

coaching session
$70 USD

The purpose of the 1-to-1 Meditation & Mindfulness Session is to learn how to meditate and experience a variety of meditation practices with the facilitator. These sessions will also provide you with a the space to have a 1-to-1 ‘check-in’ with the facilitator, to explore any obstacles that arise with creating this new habit, and to answer any questions.

Areas of Expertise:

o Mindfulness
o Meditation
o Breathwork
o Stress Reduction
o Experiential Inquiry-Based Learning
o Attentional, Emotional, and Behavioural Self-Regulation
o Scientific Research

What to Expect:

This will be a meditation session with Emily where you will practice mindfulness meditation together for 20 minutes and then have an inquiry-based discussion to further explore mindfulness concepts.

Session Deliverable:

To develop a meditation and mindfulness routine for your unique situation. Emily will provide you with tailored resources that you can use on your own time to you maintain your mindfulness practice.

Detailed Description:

Does your mind seem to have a mind of its own? Me too! The good news is we all have the ca-pacity to train the mind to be a bit more present and to also be a little bit kinder!

Mindfulness is not:
• About clearing our minds or getting rid of all of our thoughts
• Necessarily a relaxation exercise
• A fix-all pill

Mindfulness is:
• Taking a pause, slowing down, checking in with ourselves
• Kindly returning our focus of attention to an anchor in the present moment such as the breath or body whenever the mind wanders (which it will!)
• Noticing our whole experience just as it is in the present moment; practicing not grasping the pleasant and pushing away the unpleasant
• A practice, which means it does take some practice!

Mindfulness meditation has been shown to support wellbeing by alleviating symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and insomnia (just to name a few)!

By intentionally cultivating present-moment awareness we are able to change how we relate to our experiences, transform habits, and actually alter brain structures associated with stress!

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$70 USD
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