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Christina2022-06-29 15:42 UTC

Are you interested in supporting your health with safe and effective holistic medicine? Not sure if you should switch diets, work with a health coach or explore energy medicine? Confused about the different kinds of alternative and complementary approaches and could use some guidance?

Connect with our parctitioner Suzana Da Costa to explore your needs and how to choose the best approach for you at this time!

Christina2022-06-29 15:10 UTC

Volunteer to speak first if you are nervous in front of an audience. You finish it quickly, you can relax for the remaining time of the event, andβ€”most importantlyβ€”the audience, depending on the circumstance, is too busy with their own presentations or speeches to pay attention to yours.

Alexis Suarez2022-06-29 11:11 UTC

Psychology fact…

Jonathan Tayron2022-06-29 11:01 UTC

The truth shall set you free, but first it will piss you off

Like anything else you read, your perception is based on your experiences but figured I’d throw this out there because when you first set out on your journey, you will become pissed off about so many different things even if only the injustices in the world.

Bethany Thomas2022-06-28 12:52 UTC

If you accidentally insult or upset someone, use the following formula to apologize:
Give an explanation of what you did, why it was bad, and how you'll stop it from happening again.

Christina2022-06-28 12:23 UTC

3 Easy Steps to improve communication in relationships!


This stage involves preparing your mindset during the communication process. The steps in the preparation process are

Stop - In this step, take a moment to stop judgment and reaction. You can use any kind of reminder that will help you to stop before you say anything out.

Pause - Pause for a moment by imagining you are stepping back one step using breathing or counting exercise.


In this stage, imagine you are wearing your thinking hat and ask questions to yourself using the below questions

Who am I talking to?

What is the final outcome that I am looking for from this conversation?

Where am I talking?

Is this the best time for me to talk?

Why do I think I need to talk? Will it help the final outcome?


In the execution stage, use the answers from planning to craft a message that is intended to be communicated in the most suitable manner towards the other party/parties involved in the communication process.

Read more here!…

Jonathan Tayron2022-06-28 09:42 UTC

All about Environmental ethics

Basic Principles

  1. Rejection of aggressive anthropocentrism.

  2. Environmental imperative.

  3. Using modern ideas and traditional values.

  4. Change of material needs to spiritual needs.

  5. The need to change the whole picture of the world.

  6. Integrity principle.

Just follow the link to learn more:…

Alexis Suarez2022-06-27 13:22 UTC

There's a reason you feel called to share your stories with the world.

Everything in this world has a reason! Your stories told from your unique point of Consciousness, are essential to this world. Some stories will inspire others, others can teach something or warn others about the mistakes made by the narrator. Each story gives us useful information, each story will always find a response from those who most needed to know this story.

Create and share your joy with the world. Share your experience, whatever it is! Feel free to share your stories with each other.

You will never know how much you lighten the hearts of those who know them.

Alexis Suarez2022-06-27 13:14 UTC

Quote of the day!…

Christina2022-06-25 17:14 UTC

6 major symptoms of depression to look out for*8L_iYnH1EbBFkO_cuJb2mQ.png

Need a helping hand? Core Spirit practitioners are always there for you!…

Meladee Dayami2022-06-25 17:09 UTC

Overcoming self-doubt*rZ7GoC_KBFf1fNgjKVSIrw.png

Bethany Thomas2022-06-24 16:27 UTC

How to Overcome Procrastination?

The steps are

  1. Acknowledge - In this step, accept that you have a tendency to procrastinate while carrying out certain types of tasks. For example - One of the activities that I always used to procrastinate was while having to carry out a new task that I have very little knowledge or experience about. Recently, I experienced it while preparing for my citizenship. I noticed that I was intentionally postponing the date of my exam to a further date believing that the more time I get to prepare, the more are the chances to succeed.

  2. Assess the task - Assess the nature of the task, priority, reason behind performing it and the possible areas that are lacking inorder to complete it.

  3. Start small - Break down your task to the smallest task possible and pick the one that you can complete quickly based on priority.

  4. Set a deadline - Give yourself a deadline to complete each small task related to the work and commit to the deadline by removing all the possible distractions that can prevent you from achieving the goal.

  5. Celebrate - Celebrate the achievement of your goals by rewarding yourself a special gift to recognize the hard work and commitment that you had invested towards fulfilling the task at hand.

By carrying out the 5 steps, you will be able to execute the tasks without leading into procrastination.

This amazing article is by Amritha Kailas -…

Jonathan Tayron2022-06-24 09:47 UTC

Psychologists have found that telling someone your goal makes it less likely to happen.

The mind is tricked into feeling that the goal is already accomplished and then because you’ve felt that satisfaction, you’re less motivated to do the actual hard work.

I believe that whether you have told your loved ones about your goals or not, you must put yourself in a rigid framework. This will keep you motivated.

Meladee Dayami2022-06-23 16:55 UTC

You will, at some point, be the bad guy in someone else's story, no matter how good a person you are. You can't and shouldn't aim to please everyone. Be a nice person and build friendships with those you admire and respect.

Alexis Suarez2022-06-23 11:45 UTC

Focus on what you have.

We spend a lot of time immersed in our problems. But problems are also a sign of life. The only time we won't have problems is when our lives are over. And if you want to take your mind off your problems, you have to be grateful for what you have.

Gratitude is the surest path to health, happiness, and success. This shifts our attention to what we have and not to what we do not have. It is the natural abundance of simple pleasures and opportunities with which we are endowed and blessed, and which we often take for granted.

If we learn to appreciate what we have now, we can use our blessings to improve our lives and get what we could have dreamed of!

Meladee Dayami2022-06-22 17:50 UTC

Flip a coin if you're having problems deciding.
Your mind automatically begins to wish for what it wants while you wait for the outcome.

Jonathan Tayron2022-06-22 11:48 UTC

Freeing Ourselves from Ego's Chain of Blame

"No one likes to be chained to bitter resentment, hopelessness and powerlessness.
It hurts, it burns, it’s maddening to twist in fury and despair while feeling unable to control nor change a situation. Ego mind loves the drama as it demands what it thinks it needs, insisting that a situation be different than what Life is offering right now..."

I advise you to evaluate this article, today I stumbled upon it. Indeed, such moments happen to me in life, and this feeling sometimes destroys me from the inside. After analyzing my life, I realized that in moments when I get angry at life, at everything except myself, I, thereby, slow down my personal growth. I recommend reading the article, it made me think.…

Meladee Dayami2022-06-21 16:38 UTC

6 Steps to overcome people pleasing:

  1. Identify - Find out the 4 W’s - When, Where, What and Who you have been seeking external validation in your life.

  2. Prepare - Prepare yourself to accept rejections from your loved ones prior to performing actions that you once looked up from others.

  3. Establish Boundaries - Create healthy boundaries for yourself before jumping into performing actions for approval.

  4. Prioritize - Prioritize your voice over others when it comes to critical events and decision making.

  5. Learn to Say No - Sometimes, denying with a simple word β€œNo” seems very hard for most of us. However, it is a very important word that helps you to give you enough time, space and freedom to respect our choices which eventually develops strong self esteem.

  6. Take Risk - Assess the risk of acting based on your inner voice.

You can read more in this wonderful article by Amritha Kailas!…

Christina2022-06-21 16:23 UTC

If you did something that you need to remember, say it out loud. For example, "I unplug my hair straightener".

This activates many more areas of the brain (especially the language centers), resulting in a richer memory and a lower likelihood of forgetting things!

Alexis Suarez2022-06-21 10:49 UTC

Did you guys feel the moment your friends revealed their true colors and stabbed you in the back while you were experiencing your spiritual awakening? I feel that I am growing because of my friends, that we are on different emotional levels, and that I am beginning to mature because of them. These friends I'm talking about have hurt me a lot recently, and I feel like it's a sign from the universe that my "friends" values ​​and worldview are far from vibrating with mine...
It is true what they say that people will come and go from your life. It takes strength not to grieve over the loss of friends.

Christina2022-06-18 17:48 UTC

Reduce the number of things on your to-do list.

Starting the day with a big, unrealistic to-do list will not only keep you from being productive, but it will also make you feel like you're setting yourself up for failure.

A shorter to-do list is more manageable and less scary.

Start with your most essential tasks and keep the list to three to five items long.

You'll probably get more done this way, but you'll be sure to get those top three done.

Gogo Ntabeni2022-06-18 06:47 UTC

Take some time to be by yourself, alone

"Me-Time" is important every now and then. Spend time alone with yourself, no phone, no TV, no computer, no music. Just you listening to the sound of your own breathing, your own heartbeat, your own voice even by talking to yourself.

Christina2022-06-17 17:00 UTC

Plan your big tasks for the coming week and day.
Make your day more purposeful by deciding on the three most important things you can do with your time and prioritizing them.
To boost your productivity, do the same thing with your week: identify the major things you'd like to do this week and schedule them first.

Bethany Thomas2022-06-17 16:49 UTC

When you finish a big task, reward yourself with small prizes. Get creative and create tiny ways to push yourself to hustle. Small rewards don't have to be about money or items.