Gemma Nice2021-06-10 18:41 UTCon articleSelf Confidence…

Hey, I hope you are well. Ahh no worries, I'm so glad this resonates with you. Of course, that's fine. I know this roll sound strange but if people don't like you, then they aren't true friends at all. You've said you've lost so much for being insecure. Does this stem from childhood or something that's happened to you in the past? You can message me if you don't want this broadcast on here. Confidence comes from within and it doesn't matter what people think of you, you need to love yourself. I know it's hard to not care what others think, and believe me, I've been there with family members myself but it consumes so much energy and you just feel drained from it, so it's best to try and change your thought process of 'I don't care who doesn't like me, I'm going to like myself' and when you do this you start to feel so much more confident in yourself. Try doing little things to change you as well, so for example who do you want to be? Dress or wear things that you want to be and that make you feel good and more confident. If you don't wear makeup, maybe put some mascara on, wear heels or anything that you makes you feel like a higher self of you. The more confident you are and become, the more you will respect yourself and the more you will carry yourself higher. Your shoulders will be back, posture will be great, you will feel happier and feel taller. It does take some work but it's totally worth it. Your friends and family will notice a huge difference in you and will compliment you in good ways which will make you want to carry on. It's all about being confident and finding that strength within you to change for the better. Trust me, you really will feel amazing and will never look back. Huge huge hugs xxx

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