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Gogo Ntabeni2022-06-18 06:47 UTCin global channel

Take some time to be by yourself, alone

"Me-Time" is important every now and then. Spend time alone with yourself, no phone, no TV, no computer, no music. Just you listening to the sound of your own breathing, your own heartbeat, your own voice even by talking to yourself.


Christina2022-06-18 17:50 UTC

Agreed. Taking the time of your day to reflect and focus on yourself is very important. Not only it will make you happier, but it will also improve your mental health & well-being in general.

Alexis Suarez2022-06-20 12:03 UTC

I agree with you, loneliness helps to be alone with yourself, sort out your problems and put your inner world in order!

Jonathan Tayron2022-06-21 11:16 UTC

No one except the person himself will take care of his inner world, harmony in the soul and balance. Self-care is very personal, it is a personal healing that requires only the intervention of the person himself.