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Your Body's Wisdom: Unblock Your Path to Wellness

Jul 28, 2022
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My stomach was unwell, my joints hurt, my skin was itchy, I had frequent headaches and couldn’t sleep. I lost faith in my body. I searched endlessly online for solutions, for knowledge, for practitioners who could help me ‘find the right answers.’ This day-to-day existence was stressful, full of despair, and felt completely out of my control.

Where were the answers I sought? There had to be answers… if I looked long enough, I knew I could find them. At this time in my life, I felt my body was broken and something was inherently wrong with it. It didn’t work right and didn’t seem to know how to get better. Have you ever felt this way?
Your body has intelligence and is always seeking wellness. This was a truth I didn’t know at the time. When the body isn’t able to get well, it doesn’t mean it’s broken. It just means something is in the way, blocking health. What gets in the way? All kinds of stresses can derail our body’s normal healthy function.

Physical stresses
Physical stresses like toxins, infections and illnesses can hamper the body. They can confuse the immune system, block receptors, cause our body to be depleted. They can provide a chronic low-grade stress that keeps our body’s functions stifled and not at peak efficiency. As these stresses continue and accumulate, they start to deplete our reserves and create a cycle of imbalance.

Emotional stresses
We all know how a bad day can derail us. It can upset our digestion, our sleep, our ability to feel calm and balanced. Emotions flow through the body with chemical signals called neuropeptides and neurotransmitters. These chemicals are real, physical substances! And indeed, they are created, increased or suppressed by different emotions we feel. So yes, emotions result in physical changes in the body. If these emotional chemicals don’t have a way to get processed in the moment, they might be stored in the body. And this starts creating stress, again keeping our body’s functions stifled and not at peak efficiency.

Mental stresses
“Our thoughts create our reality,” have you heard this? How can that be? Well, first, our experiences are filtered through our five senses. We see, hear, taste, smell and touch our environment and each and every event in our lives. Every single perception moves through these filters. If we feel unsafe or feel the world is out to get us, we will perceive the world and our life experiences in this way. Most importantly, we will perceive what we expect. Whoa! That means we can create what we do not want. Do you see how much creative power we have?!

The problem is this: we can’t just ignore what we don’t like. Denial doesn’t work. Trust me, I’ve tried it! We have to first remove the filters, often subconscious. Then we will be freed to focus on what we do want, allowing us to more clearly perceive the world around us. To understand filters more deeply, think of them as thought patterns or subconscious conditioning and you start to see the power of how we perceive the world.

We have tremendous creative power. When we are focused on illness or what is wrong with us, it means we create more of that. Let’s ditch these filters ASAP and welcome what we desire! Food for thought: in your own life, how can you authentically align with feeling healthy and strong? If you can nurture this, remind yourself of this, this will serve your efforts to move toward health.

Tip: An affirmation can be a great way to do this. Such as “My body is strong and vital. It moves into vital health every single day.”

All we need to do is lift off stresses that keep our bodies stuck. And luckily we have easy, non-invasive ways of doing this: energy healing! Energy healing is amazingly powerful with a practitioner but that is certainly not the only way. Healing can happen in prayer, meditation, while hiking outside, while connecting to yourself and your guidance system in whatever way feels right to you. If your chosen method isn’t moving you forward, it’s time to seek professional help to get your energy moving.

As we lift off the blocks and stresses keeping the body stuck, physical processes that were kept suppressed can repair and reset. Your body’s natural ability to heal can reconnect and begin to function. Your body is able to heal. It’s time to remove the blocks keeping your health stuck and reclaim your life.

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Afsheen Shah2y ago

Thank you for the beautiful affirmation!