Young Living Essential Oils: Fake & True Benefits
Apr 19, 2019

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Young Living is the most well-known and largest company producing essential oils with eight farms in North America, one in South America, two in Asia, three in Europe, and two in Australia. Young Living essential oils are a preferred point to start with oils since they are reliable, pure and have a strong reputation. It’s very important to use pure oils since other versions do not contain nearly as much beneficial components.

Recently, there’s been a lot of hype about essential oils’ miraculous benefits. Even though essential oils are good for you, some claims went way overboard.

If you’ve heard that Young Living essential oils cure cancer, or any other serious condition, don’t believe it! Essential oils are great for complementary therapy, relaxation, as they do alleviate headaches, but they certainly cannot be used solely for the treatment of ailments such as cancer or Parkinson’s disease.

The following guide is aimed at providing you with an overview of Young Living essential oils broken down into four main categories: Essential Oils for Home, Essential Oils for Wellness, Essential Oils for Beauty and Essential Oils for Balance.

Essential Oils for Home

Young Living essential oils for the home are created to replace home products containing undesirable harmful ingredients with safe alternatives that include only natural ingredients.

Young Living essential oils for the home include:

• Oral Care

Young Living Thieves Dental Floss supports strong teeth and healthy gums with a mixture of Thieves and Peppermint essential oils. Toothpastes and mouthwashes also make up the oral care collection and are both rich in essential oils and provide many benefits to your dental health.

• Natural Cleaning

Traditional cleaning products often contain potentially dangerous chemicals whereas home products from Young Living are all organic and composed of different essential oils depending on the product’s purpose. Many options offered by Young Living such as the Purification essential oil, is widely used for laundry giving a clean and fresh smell. The same product is also great for refreshing the scent of drawers, garbage bins and any other places that could use some extra freshness.

• Home Purification

To make your home smell clean and fresh, use diffusers like Aria or Dewdrop Diffuser with a few drops of Peace & Calming or Purification essential oil.

• Natural Protection

Natural protection essential oils like Inner Defense boost defensive system’s activity by removing a fungi for a friendlier environment while helping your respiratory system and benefiting the immune system.

Essential Oils for Wellness

Young Living offers products with essential oils such as multivitamins, antioxidant support, age-based nutrition, targeted support, liquid wellness, weight management, joint mobility, energy and stamina, and healthy snacking. Depending on your particular goals, you can choose a specific product for you.

Essential Oils for Beauty

For Young Living, it’s very important to celebrate the natural beauty that everyone is born with. To help you shine, keep your skin and hair radiant, there are essential oils and organic products with infused essential oils. Again, this depends on what you seek but there are products with varying purposes such as anti-aging, facial care, bath and body.

Essential Oils for Balance

Essential oils without a doubt can calm the mind and elevate the spirit. When taking care of your body, don’t forget about the emotional, spiritual and mental self. You can use essential oils through diffusion, direct inhalation, or massage. There are numerous oils for spiritual health: Sacred Frankincense and The Gift essential oils are ideal for enhancing your spiritual practice. Feelings Kit, Valor Roll-On, and Brain Power essential oil blend are perfect for mental wellness as they help discover your true potential. Whether you need to relax, or to boost your energy, there are essential oils for each specific aspiration such as Valor, Release, Joy, or Peppermint.

There are many reviews about how essential oils can be the ultimate cure of all diseases, which is definitely not the case. There is no valid scientific study that would prove any such miraculous effect. Young Living essential oils are great as a complementary therapy, they can be widely used throughout our daily lives. Start by trying various oils for different purposes and find your favourites!

Note: This is not an ad. We do not have any agreement with Young Living, the article is based on an independent research of the author.

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Jonathan Tayron
May 17, 2021

As with any other field, there are surely people who make fake essential oils that not only help but can hurt you. I have heard that many essential oil users prefer to make oils at home. When you do something for yourself, the benefits of the product increase significantly.

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