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You Are Loved Unconditionally

Jun 17, 2021
Jana Krychtalkova
Core Spirit member since Oct 29, 2020
Reading time 2 min.

Dear Ones,

one of the greatest gifts of meditation and my healing work is to be able to feel the absolute unconditional love Source and the Angels have for us. No one is excluded, as this unconditional support is available for all of us, brave souls choosing to be here at this time of enormous change. And this Divine love helps us truly understand how much we all matter. Just our pure existence in this time in this space has such immense value.

And so be gentle with yourself, dearest one. Whenever you feel the need to rest, refresh, regenerate, take a step back and allow yourself to feel how much you are truly loved. Unconditionally. Just as you are right now. Allow yourself to relax deeper into the knowing that this is a loving and supportive universe and everything is happening for your highest good no matter how it looks on the surface. And although you might not have all the answers to your questions right now, just let go and let the benevolent energies of the Universe carry you forward. Choose to trust that they carry you in the right direction and everything you need to know will reveal itself in perfect divine timing and perfect ways. Choose to trust that your well-being is in the loving hands of Source.

True magic happens when we can see that everything and everyone is here for us and not against us. We then align with the highest truth and naturally experience more ease, joy, balance and harmony. Whenever we strive and struggle we are under the spell of mind and conditioning and whenever we experience effortless being we are deeply connected to our true nature, pure awareness. And the whole purpose of me writing to you today is to call you back home, to who you really are. Will you answer the call, dearest one?

If you feel inspired join us for Loving Life Meditation (online on Zoom) or book a one to one life coaching session. I look forward to hearing from you! Lots of love, Jana

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