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Why Scientists from Oxford University are Embracing Alternative Medicine
May 21, 2021

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Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is a multi-billion-dollar industry with more than 80% of world’s population using at least one of its formats for their personal health care. Growth in this sector is being realized rapidly and within a few years, this industry will amount to tens of billions of dollars.

Core Spirit, a global leading platform focused on the niche of alternative medicine and holistic wellness has itself shown unprecedented growth by luring thousands of CAM practitioners into its network so that they may benefit from a professional and well-structured interface to the masses. Unsurprisingly to the Core Spirit team, more and more scientists, doctors and others who were traditionally skeptical of the industry, are now embracing the benefits of the Core Spirit platform as a source for expanding their knowledge base, widen their experiential domain and utilizing the platform for their own personal therapies.

This phenomenon where the traditional science and medicine world is converging towards the CAM industry is not limited to the Core Spirit experience. A recent study conducted at the University of California Los Angeles showed that over 70% of medical students at UCLA use massage or physical manipulation, in excess of 60% engage in some form of meditation, yoga or other relaxation practices. Over a half of medical students would suggest meditation, yoga, massage, spirituality and herbals to their friends and patients as effective practices, therapies or exercises.

CAM also appears to have thrived in the times of COVID-19 in terms of growth and effectivity. The various practices have had a considerable boost to the immune system’s defensive capacities. As stated in a recent article in the Journal of Infection and Public Health, increasing the immune system strength results in a protective function against diseases such as SARS-CoV-2.

CAM can have benefits that address healthcare on a much larger scale as indicated by Edward Kelly, the Director of Department of Service Delivery and Safety at World Health Organization, who stated that traditional and complementary medicine can make a significant contribution to the goal of universal health coverage by being included in the provision of essential health services. WHO reports that 170 countries have acknowledged their use of traditional and complementary medicine by 2019. This is a unique milestone showing the increasing implementation of integrative medicine into all modern medical systems and governments around the globe.

What is clear is that the era of divergence between science and tradition, in all their forms has come to an end. We have entered into an era where a clear and perceptible convergence is taking place. The vigorous and confrontational debates between conventional medical doctors and scientists versus holistic therapists and alternative practitioners are now over. There is no more a dividing chasm between the advancement of science and the findings of our ancient traditions. The more we advance the more we discover that the gap is narrower than before.

Quantum physics, the most extreme of sciences, is now coming to the exact same conclusion as the ones reached by our spiritual traditions. The double slit experiment enforces the theory that consciousness creates reality.

More theories are now postulating the existence of a holographic universe, non-existant without the consciousness. “Therefore, a supreme consciousness must exist that permeates this universe and prevents it from dissolving,” says Dr Paola Bisicchia, who has a master’s degree in Molecular Biology and a PhD in Genetics. Even with her extensive experience and entrenchment in the research field, Dr Bisicchia has crossed the divide between the science and the alternative practice worlds; she is now a holistic therapist and a qualified awakening coach, practicing reiki, energy healing and quantum touch healing on Core Spirit.

Dr Bisicchia says that Reiki “relates to the Unified Filed of consciousness, which would explain how energy can be transmitted between individuals (pranotherapy) or channeled from the source (Reiki). The theory of a Unified Field of Consciousness is backed up both by neuroscience and quantum physics.”

As Dr Bisicchia shared with us, “the interest in alternative methods is progressing rapidly, to the point that Reiki healers are now being employed in many US hospitals, simply based on the empiric evidence showing how patience benefit from the treatments and recover more quickly.”

Dr Bisicchia is one of many practitioners on Core Spirit that merge the worlds of science and CAM. Her knowledge of both worlds embodies the Core Spirit ambition.

Core Spirit functions as an indispensable force helping to implement CAM into our day to day lives all around the world through expanding practitioner network and helping explain CAM the benefits, making it accessible to the masses and by constantly expanding the alternative medicine knowledge base so that all types of ailments or maladies in the future are addressed no matter how rare and unique.

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This is great news. Will traditional and alternative medicine be united in their desire to help and educate people ?! I am very saddened by the fact that there has been a barrier of misunderstanding between them for a long time. Some heal the body, others the soul, they in theory complement each other.