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What is Sound Vibrational Reiki Healing?
Jun 8, 2021

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Tuning forks can be used to balance and clear each of the chakras as well as to harmonize, balance, and clear the aura. As sound waves pass through the body, they elicit responses within the body’s systems. These systems in turn react to the sound waves and vibrations and respond by restoring itself to a healthier and more harmonic state. Each tuning fork is ‘tuned’ to a specific vibratory rate, or Hertz (cycles per second). The faster a tuning fork vibrates, the higher the pitch. The slower a tuning fork vibrates, the lower the pitch. My personal healing sessions have been enhanced when I added tuning forks to my practice.

I have found that using tuning forks as a meditative practice is also beneficial in assisting with reaching meditative states much faster and deeper. Tuning forks are also used to remove negative and stagnant energy in a room, which is amazing to do before and after the healing session.

During a session, the client is on a massage table. Various tuning forks are used for deep tissue/DNA healing and clearing of the aura and the chakras. After the tuning fork part of the session is complete, I will start a reiki session to bring healing enrgy to the client. This type of session is very intense and I would not recommended it for those who are new to reiki energy healing.

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