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This Plant is The Ultimate Supplement for Men. It Boosts Testosterone Levels and Reverses Hair Loss
Sep 12, 2019

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Fenugreek is a medicinal plant the comes from India and North Africa. In men (middle aged to aging men in particular) Fenugreek has the potential to raise sexual libido and performance, testosterone levels and athletic performance.

Many studies have indicated the physical and psychological benefits of satisfactory sexual performance in advancing years.

Also, since the modern diet, lifestyle and daily encounter with toxins make most men above the age of 35 testosterone deficient, a natural herb that can reverse this is extremely exciting.

Since so many men either ignore the consequences of low testosterone levels (feminine breast tissue, loss of energy and muscle tone, low sexual performance, etc.) or turn to conventional medication with dangerous side-affects, all men over the age of 35 should consider if adding Fenugreek to their daily supplement routine would be right for them. You, or men in your life, might consider Fenugreek if you would like to increase any of the following:

Libido Boost: Many men suffer from a low sex drive, especially men over the age of 40. This is often due to reduced levels of testosterone and increased levels of free-radicals, stress, toxic chemicals and other factors. In a study published in the February 2011 edition of “Phytotherapy Research” investigators tested 60 men between the ages of 25-52 with symptoms of sexual dysfunction. When compared to placebo, verse 600 mg of Fenugreek extract for six weeks, a positive correlation the Fenugreek supplement versus those on placebo was established. Those men who took the supplement reported greater increases in sexual drive and performance while maintaining normal levels of testosterone.

Sports Performance: A increase in sports performance can have a hugely positive influence in overall health as you are able to exercise harder, longer and more frequently. In an article published in the December 2010 edition of “The Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism”, researchers studied the 5a-Reductase and aromatase in Fenugreek. When 500 mg of Fenugreek extract was given daily to men who had a high level of athletic activity (verse those who took placebo) they demonstrated a greater increase in muscle mass and weight lifting ability while loosing more body fat.

Body Composition: The affect of Fenugreek on body composition, muscular strength, energy production and hormonal levels was investigated in the October 2010 edition of “Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition”. Researchers gave 49 men, who were physically training 4 times per week, 500 mg of Fenugreek extract or placebo for 8 weeks.

The study determined that the group that took Fenugreek (verse those who took placebo) showed greater increases in physical strength as measured by both leg and bench press exercises. They also determined that the same group showed a larger decrease in body fat over the 8 week period. The study concluded that Fenugreek had a significant effect on body composition.

As you can see, the benefits of Fenugreek for men are very compelling and needed in our modern society. It’s very nice to have a natural plant to turn to first!

via Living Traditionally

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