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Sep 28, 2021

Dear Ones,

It's in a way amazing how conditioned we are to believe the thoughts and stories in our heads, the stories we tell about ourselves, others and about the world. Those stories are powerful as they can either enhance our well-being or create the total opposite. And because we already live in a loving and supportive universe and everything is here for us and nothing against us, it's good to learn to question any negative statements of our mind rather than instantly buying into them. A simple question: Is this really true? can break the negative cycle, if we don't let the mind jump to a conclusion, but rather allow space and let the meditative stillness answer it for us.

One of the most common and often unconscious negative beliefs is: "I am not worthy" or "There is something wrong with me." A belief that we have to prove ourselves to the outside world and so many of us spend a lifetime trying to do that through external means like work, relationships, possessions or experiences. But that void can't be filled by anything outside of us. It is for each of us to discover that we are indeed the love of our life, the seven wonders of the world, the miracle of miracles! A pure awareness in the body, unconditionally loving, limitless, free, eternal and infinite. And that there is simply nothing to prove to ourselves and the world.

This is not an arrogant statement of the separate mind/ego believing in it's own importance. It's rather a soft gentle realisation or insight which might arrive suddenly and unexpectedly in meditation, when we are in nature or see something beautiful. It is a realisation without words and without explanation, a moment of total connection to the truth. We sense this sacred connection and oneness of all living beings we are intrinsically part of. In that moment the mind stands still and can no longer hold the veil of illusion. We see clearly and we know unequivocally both the immense value of our own existence in this time and space and the immense value of every living being...

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