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Rune spreads: a tool that can help you improve your personal life

Apr 19, 2023
Bethany Thomas
Core Spirit member since Feb 19, 2021
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We live in a stressful world. We face a lot of emotional stress. We worry too often, we are afraid, we solve important issues, and other people's tasks and forget about ourselves, about our inner comfort. If you're feeling like you're stuck and need some guidance, rune spreads can help you in your healing journey.

But what are runes?

Runes are symbols that were previously used in the writing of the Scandinavian and Germanic people.

The value of runes in esotericism is extremely high. They are often used in various magical practices. These seemingly simple symbols contain the deep wisdom of the ancestors and great opportunities. With the help of runes, you can solve any problem.

With the help of Scandinavian runes, one can guess and predict, thereby using them as a tool for self-knowledge. You can conduct sessions in the form of meditations to resolve any problem that you have.

The magic of runes lies in switching consciousness: this is how they reveal new meanings, experiences, and emotions to a person. After rune spread sessions you change - and the world around you changes.

Can runes be used for predictions?

Yes, Scandinavian runes allow you to predict future events.

Such predictions can be seen as a piece of advice that helps in different life situations.

Regarding the prediction of fate: our soul comes to Earth for a certain personal experience. Each person has their own karmic tasks and certain situations from which they cannot escape. The best and only way out is to recognize these situations and go through them. They are our lessons, the lessons of our souls. But the way you go through them is up to you.

"You can't cheat fate and you can't fool it."

There is the 25th rune of the Futhark (Scandinavian alphabet) "Wyrd". One of its meanings is "fate is the essence of God, which is harmful to know." However, the Scandinavian runes can predict certain events in a person's life that are significant in his destiny without any harm.

What can runes do?

  • Diagnose the energetic background.
  • Protect mental health.
  • Determine the best solution to the problem.
  • Answer your questions.
  • Predict the near future.

The runic formula (a set of certain signs) selected for the task begins its work from the moment of its activation (energy launch), and results can be seen right away or after three months.

With the help of runes, you can ‘cleanse’. Cleansing, which can be carried out with the help of runes, allows you to remove any existing negatives in your energy.

Irreversible Runes

Irreversible signs give stable predictions. The fortuneteller will receive an accurate prediction, which in any case will come true.

List of irreversible runes:

  1. Rune of Odin
  2. Soul
  3. Isa
  4. Sign of the day
  5. Hagalaz
  6. Inguz
  7. Eyvaz
  8. Gebo
  9. Hyera

Irreversible signs are used for divination or protection. They store positive energy and protect from energy attacks.

Rune of Odin

This is the first sign, which is a symbol of purity. It refers to the most powerful deity Odin and has a double meaning, it speaks of the beginning and the end, which gives new opportunities. In divination for undertakings, it promises quick success, and change.


The meaning of rune is associated with the sun. It is the Symbol of all living things. It speaks of strength, integrity, power, and spiritual values. If the question asked of the runic set concerns personal qualities, Soulu points to the need to search for inner harmony. Its loss in a personal scenario speaks of the special sensitivity of the questioner. Sometimes it indicates that the path to the desired goal is much more important than the end result. Soulu is a reflection of the "I" of the inner child. Human fears are able to get out and destroy everything that is created. Soulu talks about the need for stagnation, which will test the personality for strength.


Isa symbolizes stability. A sign of winter, the natural completion of something, rest. The rune symbolizes stability. A person will be able to take a breath and prepare for a new battle. In a personal prediction, Isa turns into a Symbol of Retreat.
Rune advice: you need to take a break to consider further actions, otherwise the problem will hide in the details. The interpretation of the rune is associated with imperceptible growth and preparation for a period of action.


Dagaz personifies the bright side of human life, the absence of secrets, and changes within the personality. If you’ll get this rune, you will have to prepare for a sharp turn of fate. No area of ​​life should be left unattended. This rune calls for action.


Hagalaz has a negative meaning. It always promises a sudden change of plans, which will not allow you to complete things. The freedom received in return will be a burden and cause stress. Hagalaz warns that plans will soon be resumed. By showing patience, a person will be able to achieve more, then a change of circumstances will benefit.

Runes and love: how can they help?

With the help of runes, you can make a prediction of the partners' compatibility. The alignment will provide us with detailed information regarding how people will interact with one another on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. The runes will also reveal what this connection is about and what it will eventually result in.

The layout on the runes perfectly shows the “dark” corners of your relationship with your partner and explains why a person reacts to us in a certain way. Suddenly discovering unpleasant sides can put us in a state of shock, so you need to be extra careful with love rune spreads.

Here are some of the best love runes and their meaning:

Rune "Gebo"

Gebo is an auspicious rune that does not have an inverted meaning. A symbol of the union, the unity of opposites, harmonious partnership, the union of two equal people. The rune is able to make changes in existing relationships, and eliminate misunderstandings and conflicts. Gebo gives opportunities for mutual understanding, wisdom, kindness, and harmony. It implies a union of mutual exchange and support and does not tolerate selfishness and despotism.

Skill Rune - Laguz

The rune "Laguz" is a symbol of femininity. Laguz implies true, unconditional love and devotion, understanding without words, empathy and the ability to feel someone else's pain as your own. Laguz also provides the development of intuition and inner instinct. It is used in talismans as a symbol of a woman or devoted sincere love.

Rune "Tiwaz"

Tiwaz is a symbol of a man with a decisive character. In love magic - a symbol of a passionate and temperamental man. But in general, for the preparation of a runic talisman, this rune represents such traits of a male character as perseverance, determination, reliability, courage, and strong character.

Rune "Berkana"

Berkana is a symbol of mother and motherhood. Provides protection and patronage to the family, marriage, and home. Beneficial effect on the health of pregnant women and children.

Rune "Kenaz"

An amazing rune, thanks to which we know what the "flame of love" is, passion, temperament, inspiration, inspiration, the warmth of relationships, and home ... Thus, the Kenaz rune gives us exactly what unites people and makes hearts beat in unison. Rune Kenaz takes away from us what is so undesirable in a relationship - coldness, indifference, detachment.

In conclusion, we can say that Runes are a universal tool that is not tied to religion. Rune magic is allowed to be used by everyone and will help in a lot of different fields of life. If you feel like you want to try and get a rune spread, you’re in the right place. Our practitioners will help you with all the interpretations and answer all your questions!


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