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PaRama BodyTalk: What is it?

Sep 24, 2020
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PaRama BodyTalk: What is it?

PaRama BodyTalk is the advanced version of the popular BodyTalk System that is being utilised by thousands of practitioners throughout the world.


The more advanced formulas of PaRama BodyTalk are tailor-made for each client for their particular needs. This will include many serious illnesses; stubborn chronic illnesses; complex emotional issues; severe allergies and food intolerances; etc…

The system also works in specialty areas such as sports medicine and rehabilitation, and can be used to maximize performance in every area of human endeavor. PaRama BodyTalk is also commonly utilised to help facilitate personal and spiritual growth.


Normal BodyTalk works like most other health care systems in that the treatment session is given during the appointment and the body then responds progressively with each appointment.

In PaRama BodyTalk, most sessions are formulated at the time of the appointment and then set to run at different times of the day or night, usually for several days.

Many illnesses are stubborn to address because of the habit patterns of the body and the complexity of what needs to be done. Setting up a formula that repeats itself constantly pushes the body into rapid change. In a way it is like taking medication several times a day for several days. The difference is that the PaRama formula is setting conditions up for the body to repair itself – the fundamental principle of BodyTalk.

These formulas are run by the most sophisticated computer in the brain – the prefrontal cortex. The average person has an overworked brain because of all the stresses of illness, work, the environment, etc. Hence, the main formula is usually run at night while the client is asleep and resting from all those activities. This is when the brain’s maximum computing power is available.

Science has now shown that the whole body is permeated by connective tissue that has continuous connections to every single part of the body. Furthermore, the connective tissue contains specialized neuropeptides which act as storage centers and also function as an advanced communication system that runs parallel to the nervous system. This system is called the “continuum” and is a major factor in the restoration and maintenance of health and functioning of the body. The continuum acts like a large, continuous liquid crystal and allows the passage of information throughout the body at subatomic speeds. It accounts for many of the functions that the slower nervous system could not do. PaRama BodyTalk uses formulas which specifically work with this rapid communication network.



Similar to a computer that you leave overnight to defrag, taking all the fragmented files and filing them together. This allows the computer to function more efficiently than before. All information stored in the body regarding emotions, biological functions, memories are stored in a similar way to your computer. Stress causes fragmentation to the files and can result in compromise to the system.

In PaRama BodyTalk once the formula is understood by the practitioner, the prefrontal cortex can be programmed to defrag the area needing assistance and restore its function and efficiency. This may need to be on repeat for several days/weeks and the innate wisdom of the client indicates the duration via muscle testing. After the process is complete, the client may notice that they feel clearer, and the issue has improved. There may also be other improvements in other areas that seem unrelated.


This follows the defrag process, and the prefrontal cortex and limbic brain will sort out the relevant information to the formula which is being worked on pertaining to the issue discussed. This enables the body mind complex to move forward with a healthier pattern of living and may involve changes to biochemistry, physiology, emotional responses, memory validation and ways of thinking of belief systems.

The human body has the innate wisdom of the body to evaluate imbalances ,and this is the advantage of the human brain over the computer.


The healthy changes would then be integrated within the whole body, such as for example fight/flight response of the amygdala may become les over-reactive and stress-inducing. The immune system would need to integrate this information and start to function better in response to the environment.


These are the detectives of the PaRama system. An environmental factor could trigger a reaction such as an allergy/intolerance, for example a child keeps getting hives after eating tomatoes. It could be an emotional trigger setting off a physiological reaction. One day the child was shouted at for not doing something whilst he was eating tomatoes, and the system has become overactive every time now due to an association. Another example is a person at work could trigger a headache or bowel reaction, due to an unconscious association with a distressing event in the past.

The practitioner may identify this connection with guidance from the clients innate wisdom and then have the prefrontal cortex place an energetic filter over the amygdala in relation to this. This filter will run all the time and whenever the headache or allergy reaction is triggered the prefrontals run two formulas:

1- to address the environmental irritant via a BodyTalk formula

2-to check the memory banks of then brain to discover the underlying causes for the incident in the past, (without necessarily having to relive the trauma of the incident). The prefrontals will run a parallel ‘Active memory Network’ of all those incidents pertaining and address this so that the charge is removed from the incidents, and later at night whilst the client sleeps it automatically gets integrated into the appropriate areas of the brain and body.


Another good example of these Dynamic Interactive Formulas is to reorganise the physical structure of the body. This may be used in rehabilitation of injuries or sports performance. PaRama BodyTalk can set up a program involving the structural function of the body. The coordination may be included between certain bones or muscles of the back in a chronic back condition. When the client exercises or moves, the prefrontal cortex combines with the cerebellum and basal ganglia to evaluate the structure and function. It then runs a series of reciprocal links (such as ones in the BodyTalk protocol) within the brain to begin to improve the function. It may be repeated every few minutes (as determined by innate), for possibly an hour or so, until the function has reached its maximum potential. This may result in an easier ability to walk, or perform a golf swing, or running or coordinate playing an instrument.

The types of formulas or combinations are always tailor made, for the individual persons needs, guided by innate wisdom of the body. The PaRama practitioner will explain this during the session and how it is being used in that particular case.


It is very safe as is all BodyTalk therapy, because the clients body mind is doing the work. The practitioner is simply there to facilitate the changes needed by assisting with discovery of what is out of balance in the body mind, and facilitating the change. Nothing is happening from the outside. Therefore, it is safe to combine and complement other therapies and maximise the results because of the involvement of the intelligence of the prefrontal cortex.

Always make sure to tell the PaRama BodyTalk practitioner what is going on in your life and what other therapies and assistance you are seeking, to optimise the results!

Always remember that if you have had a pattern of long term illness, adjustments may take a little time, and aspects of the functions of the mind and attitudes, beliefs and lifestyles that contributed to the dis-ease may need to fundamentally change. The practitioner will advise if there may be some homework for the client to do, such as to exercise a muscle, get the lymph movement going to clear out toxins, or increase water intake to flush things out. At every step, the practitioner is guided by the innate wisdom of the clients body on what will be the best steps to optimise results for that client.

You cannot get anything better than a tailor made session as everyone is different and has different needs and approaches! As always with BodyTalk, sessions can be conducted distantly via Zoom or a remote recording with the same results as in person.

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