Pain & Exercise?
Nov 7, 2021

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Christine Foutch - Holistic Physician - For Your Health, Wellness - Educational Purposes

Chronic pain is brutal. Making it hard to enjoy even the simplest of our daily activities. Therefore should I even mention the carrying out of an exercise routine? The answer is yes, as many of us individuals do have a false impression when it comes to back-pain, general pain, and an exercising routine.

I do understand that many are reluctant to begin an exercise program; out of fears that any type of stretching or exercising participation will aggravate or possibly worsen their existing situation. furthermore I must take into consideration the heavy reliance on medical treatments, such as the so-called painkillers; which do, in essence keep us going momentarily; yet, underemphasizing the importance of healing and the long-term pain relief.

Pain has not always been the most understood. Many professionals have focused on treating the symptom of the pain, the pain itself. Hence, the undertaking of the prescription and the non-prescribed pain relieving medications.
Within the present day with the advanced neuroimaging, it has been shown that chronic-pain, unlike acute or short-term pain can cause structural changes in the Brain. Pain is an actual stress on the body, furthermore, stress redirects bloodflow through the blody including the brain. This redirection of bloodflow lowers nutrient flow to the frontal lobe and other imortant areas of the brain. Therefore, with this lengthened amount of time, definitely adds to the risk of developing cognitive problems. As, the PreFrontal Cortex, the actual neuron cell-bodies of the frontal lobe, receive a lowered nutrient flow; lowering their abilities to function.

There are no medical tests, that I know of, confirming chronic pain levels. Many individuals find themselves going from Doctor to Doctor searching for an explanation. Possibly leading to unnecessary evaluations and treatments.

Neuropathic-Pain is different from other types of pain. If an individual has broken a bone, the pain signals are carried by the peripheral nerves from the site of the trauma to the central nervous system for processing. With neuropathic pain, the "Pain" is originating in the nerves themselves and so, the Pain becomes the disease. Potentially, the nerves can become dysfunctional and therefore damaged. Causing what is called Hypersensitivity. The Nerves can then send faulty signals of the pain sensation; even if the injury has healed.

There is great importance in the early treatments. As more aggressive treatments may be needed if the symptoms are not addressed promptly. As time goes on, exposure to significant pain can cause the neuronal sturctural changes. Possibly, taking one's body towards that Hypersensitivity. Causing the body to become more sensitive to even the slightest touch. This phenomenon is known as Central Sensitization.

Through Exercise And Physical Activities

  1. The Body can become strengthened.
  2. One's range of motion increases
  3. One Increases in flexibility

Unfortunately, in many cases, additional surrounding muscles are pulled in and activated, compensating for the weakened muscle areas, creating tension and possbly additional discomfort. Tight muscles have the potential to become injured when the joint is forced to move through a functionally un-attainable range of motion, or, at a higher velocity.

The Reduction Within Muscle Tension
Through the improvements in the relaxation of muscle tissue, is known to be associated with self reported stress reduction. This can be accomplished through activities that address the muscle tension and range of motion issues. This is easily accomplished through light weight resistance training and stretching exercises.

Most experts will advise against prolonged periods of inactivity. This will cause the body to stiffen, become deconditioned, and sorry to say, weakened.

Inactivity Is A Problem
Potentially causing the considered negative adaptations. possibly resulting in a progressive downward spiral that leads to furthered dysfunction, chronic pain, and reduced quality of life.

Therefore, should I close this article with a reminder of the importance of an exercise routine? As, taken with the conscious awarness of one's nutrient intake, your better body days do await.

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