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Benefits of Foot Massage

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Being healthy is most people’s top priority. There are many types of health methods and the massage is a traditional Chinese medicine-based physical therapy. It also happens to be many people’s favorite method.

Foot Massage

Traditional Chinese massage focuses mostly on the soles of the feet. The pressure of life is big enough, so to feel more at peace, you can do some foot massage to help relieve both physical and mental pressures.

The body is unhealthy, mostly because of the lack of movement. In Ancient China, people would work in the field all day barefoot. The soles of the feet would directly touch the ground, which promoted circulation. It can be argued that the people who lived in ancient times had a healthier body than people in the modern day. So what is the effect of foot massage regarding health? According to years of clinical research, the Chinese foot massage has the following functions:

1. To promote the smooth flow of blood.

2. To remove obstacles from the body’s energy recycling pipeline.

3. To promote the normal function of organs and ts coordination between different systems.

4. To improve the balance of the endocrine system.

5. To excrete toxins from the body and to maintain health.

6. To strengthen the metabolic function and to maintain youthful vitality.

7. To stimulate the cells to produce vitality and prevent aging.

8. To restore degraded organs to prevent illness.

Foot massages five major benefits:

1. Promote blood circulation. In general, the body temperature and blood circulation are closely related. Low temperature usually means low blood circulation, and increased body temperature also means increased blood circulation. Foot therapy can improve foot blood circulation, increase skin temperature, thereby promoting the blood circulation all over the body. It can also improve the heart function, reducing the heart load. On average, a healthy person who gets a foot massage for 30 minutes, their blood flow increased. It increased 10-13 times for females, and 13-18 times for males.

2. Promote metabolism. Foot massage promote blood circulation, thereby regulating the secretion of endocrine glands of various hormones. For example, thyroid secretion of thyroid hormone, adrenal gland secretion of adrenal hormones, etc., these hormones can promote metabolism.

3. Eliminate fatigue. When the human body experiences fatigue, first appeared in the foot of poor blood circulation, metabolic end products, calcium salts, lactic acid microcrystalline and other material deposition. When the body of an organ function is not normal or sick, due to the impact of pathological reflex, so that the foot of the blood circulation is more bad, more prone to sediment. Athletes in the day after vigorous exercise, the average amount of blood per kilogram of 30 mg of lactic acid, massage feet 30 minutes later, the blood test, about 5 mg down, after a foot bath time, the blood lactic acid reduced by about 20 mg, recovery To almost no sense of fatigue when the blood lactic acid level. It can be seen that hot water foot therapy is the easiest and most effective way to eliminate physical fatigue.

4. Improve sleep. Feet have rich nerve endings and capillaries that have a mild and good stimulating effect. This warm stimulus is reflected in the cerebral cortex, which plays a role in inhibition of the sympathetic nerve. Parasympathetic excitement, when people are in a quiet state of rest, improves sleep and eliminates insomnia.

5. Maintain a healthy brain. Through the foot, you can adjust the meridians and blood. At the same time, foot vascular dilatation, increases blood volume, so that the head speeds up blood flow, and supplements the brain with oxygen and nutrients.

More benefits of foot massage:

1. Foot massage can prevent cervical disease

Cervical syndrome, is a skeletal degenerative pathological change. Medical experts have found that by massaging the cervical spine in the reflex zone of the foot, it can produce exciting results. The intensity of the initial light, gradually increased to a little pain is appropriate. Massage time can be self-induced, preferably every day for 10 to 30 minutes.

2. Foot massage can prevent pregnant women from vomiting

Some pregnant women experience persistent vomiting, and as a result cannot eat, feel weak, etc. They must have timely treatment, so as not to affect the mother and her baby’s development. Foot massage therapy can help reduce these symptoms by having her feel relaxed.

3. Foot massage can make you beautiful

Foot massage can maximize the discharge of your body toxins, which can help with your appearance. By getting a foot massage for a few weeks, you will be surprised to find your face clear and smooth. Foot massages can also eliminate acne.

Massage is China’s oldest medical method. Massage helps people in the long-term regarding various ailments. The effects massage have on our health care significant and result quickly.


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Amelia Acosta
May 12, 2021

I think I MUST try foot massage after your article. I had no idea that it is so helpful

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