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For the Abused, Betrayed and the Fallen
May 21, 2021

Futile faith that someday this dirt will wash away.
Wishing, hoping that just maybe today will be the day.

The day that the winds of change blow us to peace and joy,
unfortunately the objective of this feeling is to destroy.

Destroy the well-being of our inner sanctum, our essence and life,
we fight against this merciless enemy manifesting this superpower called strife.

Breath by suffocating breath, we fade into the darkness closing in,
no light in sight we succumb to the helplessness that this memory brings.

We ask it to go away, leave us alone, don’t bother us in any way.
This fruitless effort makes the feeling seem stronger and from the bliss path, lead us astray.

Defeated, pulverized, no energy left,
who can assist, who can justify this theft?

This theft of a part of us that was pure and true.
This part of us that was strong, vibrant and knew exactly what to do.

This essence now seems lost.
How will we find it again and what will be the cost?

We start with our thoughts and take back those that were stolen,
we are still here, so that means that we were not completely broken.

We are still breathing, thinking, moving human beings,
our pro-life attitude will evaporate all those negative feelings.

When this dark power comes back and wants to let our spark die,
we will face it with wisdom, knowledge and grace, so that we can strengthen our “claiming our power” phase.

We will greet this feeling with gracious gratitude and then let it be,
for the part of us that cannot ever be touched by anything that exists in humanity, will bless us eternally.

So, for now let this feeling be there, making sure you just observe it without a care.

When awakening sets in and all of your parts start to converge,
you will again start to find yourself and let the beautiful part of you emerge.

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Emma Gardner3y

Thank you so much for this article! It’s really helpful. Accepting and welcoming your feelings and emotions is a great idea! But what do you think how to force yourself to allow yourself to admit thoughts and emotions that were previously locked up?