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Follow Your Bliss

Jun 17, 2021
Jana Krychtalkova
Core Spirit member since Oct 29, 2020
Reading time 2 min.

Dear Ones,

I feel that if there is any measurement of success at all, it must be about how much joy we have in our lives. As joy is who you are at the very core of your being under all layers of conditioning and personal history, so if you have joy in your life it means you live in alignment with your true nature. And you might notice that any choice you make - and that starts with choosing your thoughts and your perspective - have the potential to either bring you closer to joy or further away from it. This is such wonderful and accurate inner guidance speaking to you all the time. So whenever you are presented with a choice, you can picture yourself accepting it and then notice how your body responds and what feelings arise. The choice which is in harmony with your true self will naturally make you feel more expanded, relaxed, inspired, joyful and happy. The choice taking you further away from your true nature will make your body feel tense, contracted, tired and depleted. The body never lies, if you just pause, listen and pay attention.

And if you truly love yourself, you listen to your body and your feelings and honour them. When people hear this for the first time, they sometimes worry that this might be a selfish way of living. But the truth is that if you can't make yourself happy, you can't truly contribute to anyone else's well-being and happiness. You simply can't skip yourself. Once you give yourself complete permission to follow your bliss, you'll experience wonderful synchronicities and countless opportunities to contribute to the happiness of all living beings. The stream of joy will carry you effortlessly. The bliss will give you wings! And you'll experience the profound wisdom of the benevolent loving universe that what is truly for your highest good is always for the highest good of all involved. So it's much simpler than the complicated scenarios of your mind might suggest.

But don't take my word for it. If you feel inspired, simply give it a go. Follow your bliss. Follow the feelings of joy, love, inspiration, excitement and see what happens… I would love to hear about your discoveries!

If you feel inspired join us for Loving Life Meditation (online on Zoom) or book a one to one life coaching session. I look forward to hearing from you! Lots of love, Jana

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