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Discover your inner peace with the power of meditation.
Sep 17, 2023

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If we see the literal meaning of inner peace, it means peace within us. I have witnessed a lot of people asking for assistance with finding inner peace. They complain about the chaos they had to go through every day which hinders their path to inner peace.

However, inner peace is something that you can find within and by yourself. No-one can do it for you. Now, meditation is a common practice that permits its practitioners to discover inner peace.

So, here in this article, we are going to embark on a journey about how meditation can assist us in discovering and living with inner peace. Therefore, let’s begin!

  1. Sit or lie in a position which is comfortable for you. Keep in mind that only a comfortable position will allow you to concentrate wholly.

  2. Now start with inhaling and exhaling exercise. Along with it, try to feel your surroundings. Surrender your body weight on the surface you are sitting or lying on. This exercise will prepare you for the meditation.

  3. Now for the meditation part, some people are comfortable with breath work while others like to practice meditation following their needs. As for me, youtube meditation worked really well. You can also try them or practice them as per your needs.

  4. Hence, whichever meditation you chose, start practising it. If it’s a youtube one then follow the instructions in the meditation.

  5. Try to concentrate on what you are doing. Take every breath or instruction with mindfulness. Stay present and allow random thoughts. Because, if you will try to stop them then you will lose concentration.

  6. Once the meditation ends, slowly-slowly open your eyes. The few minutes you spent doing meditation will calm your mind and soul.

  7. Practicing this daily will assist you in becoming more calm and peaceful. You will begin noticing the change yourself.

These are some steps to help you achieve inner peace. However, in my experience, I have noticed people not being benefited even after meditating regularly. The issue here is not the consistency but the level of your concentration.

Staying concentrated while meditating is really important to achieve desired results. We need to stay mindful and be present while practicing it. Because staying in the present moment is what brings you peace.

If you are thinking about something else while doing your work, then you won’t be able to give your 100%. This will further create anxiety as you might end up missing few details. Then once your work ends you try to memorise whether I completed this or not.
This creates a circle of anxiety and depression which acts as a hurdle in our path to inner peace.

So, if this is you, then don’t worry. Because I was also at this stage at a point of time in my life. Just try meditating with concentration and mindfulness. And not just meditation, try to do everything by staying in the present moment.
And also keep in mind that you are not overdoing it. Sometimes, we try to do everything all at once. Take baby steps and move slowly. And if you feel exhausted take a break. Remember to stay calm and prioritise your health.

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