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Core Spirit Prime Membership – Take Control Of Your Life

Jul 27, 2021
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Core Spirit Prime Membership is your opportunity to book unlimited real-life appointments with world’s best healers, mentors, coaches and oracles for a small monthly fee of $28. Can you imagine a full therapy cycle, mentoring program or coaching course for this price? You can do it all and more with CS Prime Membership.

How does it work?

It’s very simple. As soon as you subscribe to Core Spirit Prime, you get access to 500+ sessions, courses, workshops and trainings. You will be able to book personal sessions as much as you like.

How is it different from all the other subscriptions out there?

Unlike other subscriptions, Core Spirit Prime Membership offers real personal sessions with practitioners, not just prerecorded videos.

You can choose from 900+ modalities and work on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as well as build healthy relationships, grow your career and invite abundance into your life. Core Spirit hosts thousands of coaches, therapists, mentors, trainers and healers from all over the world and you can meet them all.

Want all-encompassing enhancement? Here is an example of a one-week plan for you:

  1. On Monday, meet with your personal therapist to work on your mental health and get rid of everything that is holding you back. Choose a therapist among thousands of licensed psychologists and attend your meetings in person or online.
  2. On Tuesday, speak with your chosen nutritionist to check on your eating habits and diet plan. Learn what’s best for your body type and lifestyle and reach your weight goals.
  3. On Wednesday, discuss your career goals with a professional career coach. Develop your career path and figure out what steps you need to take in order to realize your potential.
  4. On Thursday, pump those muscles! Book a personal fitness session or attend a yoga class online or in your town.
  5. Devote Friday to building relationships. Strengthen your marriage with the help of a couple counsellor, get love life advice from a relationship coach or explore your sexuality under the guidance of a tantra practitioner.
  6. Have some fun on Saturday and play with your CS Prime Membership by trying something new! Meet a real shaman, get a tarot reading, experience reiki healing or consult a feng shui specialist to invite prosperity into your life.
  7. Prepare for a new week and book a nice massage session on Sunday.

This is just an example of one week. Imagine how much you could grow by doing something similar for a whole month for just $28? Take control of your life and get Core Spirit Prime Membership now.

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