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Feng Shui
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Feng Shui

Feng Shui
$10 USD
coaching session
Feng Shui Q&A

This 15 minute session is for you to ask your burning Feng Shui questions.

Liz is Master Certified in Classical Feng Shui. In her practice she utilizes the ancient wisdom of Flying Stars, Chi Flow, Yin Yang, Eight Trigrams, Personal Trigrams, 8 Mansions, the 5 Elements, 24 Mountains, Intuitive Feng Shui and the Eight Life Aspirations a buddist derived form of feng shui, Geomancy and Form Feng Shui.

Grab a coffee let's chat! Looking forward to our call!

Feng shui, also known as Chinese geomancy, is an ancient Chinese traditional practice that uses energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.

Liz Dupre
Feng Shui
$499 USD
Natal Chart & Cures for your Home

Your Classical Feng Shui Flying Star Chart, (the blueprint of energy that you are living in). You receive a reading of the stars, their influence on the occupants’, predications, recommendations and remedies for the current and coming year.

The most basic, calculatable, proven method used to shift energy for support and harmonious living. This valuable package goes straight to the point to reveal your homes energy blueprint. You’ll get a written report & tools to align and be supported by your home. Includes 2 follow up sessions.

The main advantage is the ability gain insight to the type of energy in the home and how to either enhance it or subdue it. One of the most powerful systems in Classical Feng Shui.

PLUS! a personal one-on-one 30 minute follow up with me.

Gift Certificates are available!

Liz Dupre
Feng Shui
$18 USD
Bedroom Feng Shui for a Good Night's Sleep

Sleep isn't always what it should be. Get a better night's sleep once you Feng Shui your bedroom space. We will survey the bedroom for appropriate configurations, personal directions, assure you are not impacted by potential negative energies and influences in your environment.

Liz Dupre
Feng Shui
$120 USD
Basic environmental Feng Shui assessment (landforms and water flow)

If you wanna move to a new location, or you wanna know which energies are active from your current environment (surrounding buildings, streets and waterways as well as your current house or apartment), i will deduce that info from Google Maps. Just provide me your adress and your floorplan. You will receive a written report.

Walter Ziems
Feng Shui
$500 USD
coaching session
Feng Shui Consultation

From the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui School, using a scaled floor plan of your home and, if possible, a video. Possibilities: Your entire home, including your yard, or one specific room, or a specific issue. Working with the Bagua as a life guide and your history, your desires, your birthday, your home, your intentions to create a more joyful and beautiful home environment that supports you and your family in creating a more fulfilling, healthy, abundant, loving joyous life. Will address Five Elements, yin/yang balance, and more. Meditations also available,

Peggy Cross
Feng Shui
$480 USD
Off-Site Residential Feng Shui Report

This type of report is possible if I can clearly see the roof line of your home on google earth and if you can provide the name, gender and date of birth (incl time and place of birth if known) for each individual living in your home, an A4 copy of the floor plan and an idea as to when your home was constructed (ie before or after 4 Feb 1924, 1944, 1964, 1984 or 2004) and if/when it has been completely renovated or significantly extended since construction.

It also helps if you can email clearly labelled jpegs of the interior and exterior to me showing the view towards and away from your home and the interior layout etc.

Your detailed 40+ page Classical Feng Shui Report will cover the surrounding landform, room-by room flying star feng shui analysis and recommendations, annual energy influences and Sun Ceremony dates.

This consult DOES NOT include an On-Site visit so it can apply to any property around the world.

Note: this price is for an existing house, townhouse, apartment or unit. If you are seeking feng shui services for building a new home from the ground up, then there will be additional costs at an hourly rate depending on the scope of the work.

Derelle reserves the right to decline to do this service if the surrounding landform and/or time period, fei xing etc of a building is too difficult to ascertain with certainty via an off-site consult. In this case, your money will be refunded and Derelle will recommend consultants in your area to help you via an On-Site visit to your property.

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