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Feng Shui Consultation

coaching session
$500 USD

From the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui School, using a scaled floor plan of your home and, if possible, a video. Possibilities: Your entire home, including your yard, or one specific room, or a specific issue. Working with the Bagua as a life guide and your history, your desires, your birthday, your home, your intentions to create a more joyful and beautiful home environment that supports you and your family in creating a more fulfilling, healthy, abundant, loving joyous life. Will address Five Elements, yin/yang balance, and more. Meditations also available,

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Since 1998 Peggy has enjoyed consulting and teaching Feng Shui. Her clients have found spouses, enhanced spirituality, healed relationships, increased financial flow, and more. Peggy has worked across the country and the globe, now using videos and floor plans.

She also creates guided high vibrational paintings in which others have seen spirits, heard music and messages.

On Core Spirit since December 2020

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$500 USD
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