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Enhance your life at all levels with Core Spirit Membership
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Boost Your Career
Meet with Career Coaches, Job Counsellors & Leadership Trainers to Bring Your Career to the Next Level.
Get Fit
Talk to Professional Nutritionists, Fitness Instructors, Dieticians & Other Experts to Lose Weight, Become Stronger, and Adopt Healthy Habits.
Build Relationships
Consult Relationship Therapists, Love Tarot Readers, Intimacy Coaches, & Mediums to Find Your True Love and Build Connections.
Relieve Stress
Take care of your Mental Health under the guidance of the best Psychologists, Therapists, Healers, and Shamans.
Grow Spiritually
Unlock New Possibilities by learning from talented Therapists, and Spiritual Leaders.
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Clinical Psycho…
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Life Coach & Re…
Arevik Hayrapetyan
Life and Relati…
Audrey Archambault
Naturopathic Nu…
Belinda Thompson
Reiki Practitio…
Dawn Cady
Health Psycholo…
Dez Kaizen
Life Coach & Bu…
Elaine Snyder
Oracle Card Rea…
Maria Nikolakakou
Holistic Health…
Susanne Borge
Spiritual Teach…
How It Works
Core Spirit Membership is your Key to a Better Life. Here are three simple steps to get started.
Subscribe to Core Spirit Membership
By subscribing to Prime, you gain access to 500+ Personal Sessions Monthly with World’s Best Practitioners.
Book Your First Session in a Couple of Clicks
Book a session that matches your needs. Choose the best date and time to meet your practitioner. Pay only $1 for every Session, make Unlimited Bookings.
Meet with Your Expert Online & Start Enhancing Your Life
As soon as you book an appointment, you will receive a link to access your meeting room online. On the chosen date, Meet with Your Expert one-on-one using your link. All the sessions are Real Face to Face Appointments to ensure the best outcome.
Core Spirit Membership allows me to take care of myself at all levels. I talk to my therapist on Mondays, consult my nutritionist on Tuesdays, attend a yoga class on Wednesdays, plan my career path with my coach on Thursdays and get a nice massage every Friday. I usually do something fun at weekends, like a Tarot reading or a Natal chart from an astrologer. All that for only $28 a month and my life is finally complete, wholesome and rewarding.
Alice Shlossomb
I was finally able to lose weight and I am now on the path to restore healthy relationship with my mom. I highly recommend Core Spirit Membership to anyone looking to solve a particular concern or become better in general. It's a great opportunity to move steadily towards your goals.
Bri Emerson
This membership helped me connect with my deeper self as being a business owner is sometimes draining. I now have my personal spiritual mentor and can confidently say that I am truly happy and connected with my purpose and the whole world.
Kevin Dowlly
Business owner
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Core Spirit Membership?

Core Spirit Membershipis a type of Membership that allows you to book Unlimited Number of Appointments with professional Mentors, Healers, Nutritionists, Dieticians, Therapists, Psychics, Psychologists and other Expertsfor just $1 each.

How is Core Spirit Membership better than booking and paying for services separately?

Firstly, you’re saving a lot of money.

You’re getting an Unlimited Access to 500+ Services that you can book anytime for a small annual or monthly fee. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for every appointment, you only pay $1 for each.

It’s an amazing way to enhance every aspect of your life while saving big. Core Spirit Membership is a way to put yourself in a state of continuous growth by Locking in your Enhancement.

Can I book Personal Consultations with Experts every day?

Yes, you can book as many sessions every day as you want! Core Spirit Membership helps you achieve your goals and allows to consult as many Specialists as you need.

Let’s Set Your Goals for You to Change Your Life for the Better