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Clarity and Emotion in Public Speaking
Apr 14, 2021

“Choose a close friend/family member and imagine that you are delivering the speech in front of that person.” (E. Gilbert)

The author of the famous novel “Eat, Pray, Love” offers us an interesting perspective that humanizes the nature of public speaking. There is most likely a fine line between technique and emotion when it comes to public speaking. On the one hand, public speaking involves sharing one’s inner reality with a group of people. On the other hand, public speaking is a tool that we can use to “touch” the audience in a certain way: that is, to have the ability to put into practice elements that can transform the message conveyed so that others understand what we have to say.

So we are talking about a combination between “my inner reality” and “the technique I develop to be able to communicate my inner reality.”

That is why I will return to what Gilbert said to show the beautiful combination between vulnerable humanity and the technique acquired through practice (to help us understand how the two components work together).

When rehearsing an important speech that we are about to deliver in front of a larger group of people, it is important and useful to achieve a well-defined structure. On the other hand, to make sure that the message we convey reaches others clearly, a great way to do that is to imagine, as Gilbert said, that we are delivering the speech in front of someone we know. Or even doing that. The transformation of the orientation of personal mental processes from the inside to the outside happens when an external stimulus calls us and asks us to pay attention to it. Therefore, we will be able to transpose ourselves more easily into the skin of those who will listen to us, showing certain behaviors (use of words, gestures, facial expressions, voice) that better fit the external needs of others.

So my message is: learn the technique of public speaking, but don’t forget to turn to yourself and manifest your inner radiance. Be human, be you.

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Hi Emma! Glad to know you found the article helpful! What would you say is the source of your fear?

Emma Gardner
May 12, 2021

Thank you so much for this article, it’s really helpful. I have been studying public presentation techniques for a very long time, I understand the principles, I know what the balance between presentability and emotion should be. But I can't do it in any way due to excessive excitement and fear. I have practiced many times already, but I am still very nervous and literally shaking when it comes to presentations and public speaking. Could you please give me some advice what i need to do, how to overcome this problem?

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