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Social Psychology
Jun 1 2023
Hardship And Challenges: Best Tips To Handle Both

Fact of life I wonder why anyone argues about: we grow mainly through hard times and challenges.

I don’t know much or believe much in research for most of the things that have that word attached to them are contrary to what I experience physically. Exper…

Philip Ebuluofor
Social Psychology
Jan 18 2023
5 Principles of Stoicism to Induce Change in Life

After reading the two books I mentioned below, my perspective change immediately. I learned these five principles from stoicism.

Virtue is value

The Stoics were a school of philosophy that believed in living a virtuous life. They believed that virtue,…

Ryn's Booker Shelf
Social Psychology
Jan 28 2023
Books on help to women and mental conditions

There are many books available that discuss mental health issues specific to women. Here are a few notable titles and their brief reviews:

“The Neurodiverse Women’s Handbook: A Guide to Life with Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, and Other Brain Differences” b…

Change I want to make
Social Psychology
Feb 15 2023
Diary Notes #2

First of all, please forgive me for my English. My native Russian, but I only learn English

Let’s talk about addicts…

If you managed to imagine everything that I wrote about before, you most likely found that the people you depend on more than those dep…

Nikita Karpov
Social Psychology
Feb 15 2023
Diary Notes #3

Let’s continue to set points in our coordinate system…

So, you took responsibility for the first time, you’re doing great, you’re growing up! Now consciously or not, you are free to choose what to proceed next. That’s where you face reality, even if you …

Nikita Karpov
Social Psychology
Feb 17 2023
Diary Notes #1

Recently, in a conversation with a loved one, we raised the topic of freedom. What is the essence of freedom? How to understand — you are free or not? Is there some kind of metric or analytics that will allow you to determine how free you are?

The result…

Nikita Karpov
Social Psychology
Feb 18 2023
Humans And Not Their Imagination Have Run Wilder

Certain things don’t just follow the normal format, normal norms. It is against common sense. Tell you why?

Ah, Chief, this story is not normal, at least the type you are used to and in my experience, certain things need to be left alone as they are. Thi…

Philip Ebuluofor
Social Psychology
Mar 1 2023
Sacramental Vs Occult Images

I am superstitious to some extent, especially about spiritual things. That is the reason you will always see sacramental on my neck.

That part of my story started, rather became obvious to me while I was a free man in Guangzhou, China. In my days in Nige…

Philip Ebuluofor
Social Psychology
Mar 31 2023
The Ethics of Reality TV: Has Married at First Sight Australia Gone Too Far?

The premise of many reality TV series of the aughts seemed to be this: give participants unlimited amounts of booze with cameras rolling 24⁄7, and see what happens next. Emotions run high when you’re either hungover or drunk every day, and while it does m…

Kat Anderson
Social Psychology
Apr 22 2023
Stupidity, The Way Of The Cowards

Peace of the mind is what we all crave and what almost all of us are sweating seriously each day to deny ourselves.
I tell you that I never go out seeking to see those blocking that particular quest from themselves at least consciously but yet it’s one…

Philip Ebuluofor
Social Psychology
Apr 25 2023
The Coming of the King

OME children were at play in their play-ground one
day, when a herald rode through the town, blowing a trumpet, and crying aloud, “The King! the King passes by this road to-day. Make ready for the King!”

The children stopped their play, and looked at one…

Social Psychology
May 17 2023
Is It Dign Of Poverty Or That Of Stinginess?

I have been dealing with that same computer house for about three years. I came across this Abigail Thomas interview that captured my imagination and I needed to photocopy it as study material. The lady is in the class of her own.

I was surprised to le…

Philip Ebuluofor
Social Psychology
May 16 2023
Optimist Realism: Taking Responsibility for Your Fate

For all my life I’ve been an optimist, I always believed that good things are not only possible but happen to be just around the corner. I don’t know how or why I’ve became an optimist, it felt like something that I always was and always will be, and I li…

Yotam Yehidi
Social Psychology
May 7 2023
Why do we always look for complications but the answer is just so simple and straight forward?

Yesterday, I was attending a math competition that I shared in. My math teacher told me that it would be 3x harder that the one we usually do in class, he added “Don’t aim for 20⁄20, get 7⁄20 First”.
I’ve always been a straight A student, so I was consist…

Roua kanj
Social Psychology
May 1 2023
Their Faith Are Tested Inside Northern Bushes

Do something worth while each day is advice meant well in good faith. But most of us has dirty mind that we can’t resist the temptation of twisting anything good to evil.
I has this nonsense evil guy as a neighbor who special in turning things clean to di…

Philip Ebuluofor
Social Psychology
Apr 30 2023
Spirituality and Prosperity: How One Can Enhance the Other

Spirituality and prosperity are two concepts that have been intertwined for centuries. Many people believe that spiritual practices can lead to material wealth and success. At the same time, others argue that focusing on material possessions can detract f…

Gustavo Braule
Social Psychology
Apr 5 2023
Anger is the part of yourself that loves you the most.

Adoptee Anger: Validating Emotions, Demanding Justice

Anger is the part of yourself that loves you the most. Adoptee Anger: Validating Emotions, Demanding Justice

“Anger is the part of yourself that loves you the most. It knows when you are being mistr…

Shane Bouel
Social Psychology
Apr 22 2021
What is Group Psychology

Essentials of Group Psychology

How groups form, conform, then warp our decision-making, productivity and creativity.

When we’re in a group other people have an incredibly powerful effect on us. Groups can kill our creativity, inspire us to work harder, …

Demi Powell
Social Psychology
Apr 20 2023
THE PRONOUN REVOLUTION: Are We Fighting for Progress or Just Getting Too Complicated?

I was born before the introduction of gender-neutral pronouns, so I understand the confusion that many people feel about them. The pronouns you learned at school were “she/her/hers,” “he/him/his,” and the plural “they/their,” which was used to refer to a …

Iose Cocuzza, NC, CGP, BFRP
Social Psychology
Apr 17 2023
How To Tell If You’re In A Toxic Relationship/Friendship: By Sentual Strong

My Experience In 2023:

For the first time ever in my life, this has been the year that I’ve literally confronted over 5 people for toxic behavior. I had to dump my 2nd girlfriend (that I’ve only dated for 6 weeks in a non-exclusive relationship) because …

Sentual Strong
Social Psychology
Apr 14 2023
The Psychology of Body Language: How Our Gestures and Postures Reveal Our Thoughts and Emotions..

Body language is an essential aspect of human communication. It involves the use of nonverbal cues such as gestures, postures, facial expressions, and eye contact to convey messages, thoughts, and emotions. Our body language can reveal a lot about our inn…

Fred Ojei
Social Psychology
Apr 14 2023
How Social Media Use Affects Your Emotional Well-Being

The emergence of social media has transformed the way we interact with each other and the world. On one hand, it has revolutionized communication, information sharing, and entertainment access. However, there is growing concern about its adverse impact on…

Fred Ojei
Social Psychology
Apr 7 2023
You Want To Be Sound?- Switch Your American Hype Philosophy

Uncle Sam, How Far Have You Gone?
When their chorus on whatever fad is in its crescendo, let it serve as a sign for you to look the other way. Data and noise have continued to prove to be less important to commonsense and intuition these days in America…

Philip Ebuluofor
Social Psychology
Apr 2 2023
Finding Hope in Covid-19 Vaccines Amidst Skepticism and Rumors

When first discovered Covid 19 variant portrayed as a nightmare; many blamed on the recklessness of humans, who instead of preparing for such a disastrous situation, were bent on making missiles and defense systems; Others saw it as a consequence of our s…

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