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What Can Bring Us Genuine Happiness?

Apr 15, 2024

For centuries, the question had been plaguing man. A kind of bedmate to many claiming eruka! To the answer for centuries only to find out their answer had been an illusion.

What would enable an individual to find a genuine happiness and not the fleeting thing that causes deep sighs and groaning afterwards?

Many for sure would pay millions to have it, many have paid millions for the fake trumpeted as the thing only to find out it's the opposite of what they are seeking for.

Happiness quest is what many had been after from their youth and to their grave, yet, they never found it. Many have suggested it is a kind of holy Grail quest. People seeking for what doesn't exist. Many digging, while many are pointing on the maps, and many reading up history to trace the footsteps of who many pursuers don't believe even walked the face of the Earth.

"Life is short" is always the line we hear from most gurus. "Make the most of it" yet, they are part and parcel of those that believe true happiness had not been found so, they embarked cracking their heads to find it. Maybe, that is how to make the most of their short life.

Genuine happiness is like beauty which is always in the eyes of the beholder. There is no one definition of it. It's many things to many people and the only metrics many agrees to measuring it to find out if your claims measured up is it's 'After and Side' effects.

Happiness you considered ultimate that left it's toll on you can't be considered true one. Who doesn't know by now that many of it comes in coumaflages uniform only to left the deceived reeling afterwards?

Happiness that makes you to server affiliation, cut ties and change address, is it true happiness? Yet, it's what many go for, pay for, even kill for and lay claims to only to change routes later.

Happiness that causes conflicts in ones life, family, business, health, what type of genuine happiness can that be? Happiness that ends it's ride on hospital bed can't be happiness let alone a genuine one.

Goals achieved through negativity no matter the fun you claimed to be in, your claim, is it something you will be proud to announce in public even though these days, drug dealers ask their pastors to pray for their safe passage to their destination. Achieving good grades through sorting of the lecturers, or cheating successfully in an exam, all these leads to happiness, right?

Happiness that turns you into follow-follow spirit, lost soul kind of, what do you consider such? Happiness it's journey start and ends in groaning and fear infested routes can't lead to happily after life, can it?

Happiness that based on the other man getting out of planet Earth to achieve, happiness that depends on money, material things is known by all these days never to lead to anything happy ending.

Many know these days it is never in money, green and black bottles, never in skirt and trousers, never in another human, never even outside you but inwards.

What are those things you do and lost the count of time? This question have become a kind of hackney yet, many are not paying enough attention to it. That thing that make you to forget yourself, got lost in and still, the process and feeling for it remained the same yesterday, today and tomorrow?

What is that you jump out of the bed eager to jump into each day? That is where your true happiness if any exist on Earth is hiding. That is where you should start searching.

What is that you fail in, roll around in failure in and still go for again and again without losing an inches of interest and enthusiasm for? That's where you will find your true happiness.

That's arena your true happiness is hidden. Arena anything essemblance of true happiness will be found.

Funny how ignorance we seek for it outside, paid heavily even. It's a thing that flows from inwards into outwards. For sure, obstacles are always everywhere en route to anything good, accusers and manipulators abound but all are there to serve a purpose you and them never knew.

Funny when you found it, at times, you won't know but you will when it founds you.

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