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Mighty vs Tiny Steps

Feb 21, 2024

We are greedy by nature. Humans are that way. We assume that the statement: What is worth doing at all, worth doing well means that we need to cut, and bite more than we can chew. Tell me who has ever gone for the small when the big is there for taking? I have yet to hear of such a healthy mannered, no greedy fellow. We all want it big.

But wanting it big comes with its requirements. Big warrants big commitments and knowing us, we always want it big with the littlest of effort, and most of the time, it just doesn't work out that way. Big comes with responsibility. It's not as if you are being accused of being greedy or something like that, the fact is that we need it big without being ready to accompany our greediness with corresponding effort it needs to not only see the big through but maintain it afterward. Getting there is not always the issue but remaining there. No doubt the fact that some people are just equipped to do it big and bigger even with all its requirements and are ready to offer more. Such people exist, I have seen and read of few.

What if we start from little and experience our way through to the big? Certain things in life need experience to get acquainted with what it entails, tiny and steady steps do the work better than any other. I always like many, wonder about under eleven we read about doing one professional course at the university. My first reaction is always that the paper people want to sell their paper and a story that deceives not ginger always ensures high reads. How will that young genius cop with his/ her tiny brain and maturity to make it in the university no matter the brain inside that skull. Things need a gradual process to make sense. Small but steady steps to make it. Jumping into a ring with professional boxers when you can hardly know the rules, what do you think will be the fate of such a person? Injury or death? Certain things we deal with in life are just like that. We want it to be big immediately to jump from nobody to some and everybody. It hardly works that way. It is injurious to many who have tried such in history.

Is there anything wrong with starting small and walking our way to the top? I want to fly not jump but I know that it doesn't work well that way, despite wanting to be in the same room with the pros immediately and become a household name I am not sure everyone wants to be one wonder champion like Buster Douglas. We want to stay for long at the top with the tiniest of effort. Where have you seen it work that way for a meaningful long? Almost impossible. Anything good has sacrifice behind it. That is just a sound fact that no sound mind should contest.

This goes to all the dreamers like me and you all those who found out in the hard way that truly, all that glitters is not gold. Enter any prison pick up inmates' files and see the result of people who jump and fly. Slow and steady does the work. Nothing beats well-earned experience, nothing beats inherent patience. Both are the anchor success, lasting one are anchored on. A man with little steps to me is far faster in momentum than that jumper and flier. Not only that you pick up steady knowledge along the way, it is even with minimalist of effort. What is it that both the intelligent and dunces acquire at the same rate without the teacher having to talk and talk? The only one I know is experience. I'm sure almost everyone learns from this one time no matter how gifted you are or not. The choice is not yours.

The benefit inherent in taking tiny steps far outweighs the idea of an overnight one-magic champion. See, if you can go for the big, but history shows that lasting things always come from mastering the rudimentary at a slower rate and building oneself up from there. To me, tiny steps have advantages that favor many more than trying to fly to the top from nowhere. I don't even recall the percentage of those who made it to the top from nowhere and made lasting impressions on anyone except being a candle in the wind.

Patient many have found out in the hard way does the job far better. It is a virtue. Imbibe it.

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