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When Obligated To Say Yes Or No

Mar 20, 2024
Philip Ebuluofor
Core Spirit member since Jan 31, 2023
Reading time 4 min.

I have tried many times to meet my obligations to anyone or places I have anything to do with. I am never the type that shies away from obligations or renders excuses even when they sound valid. I have this feeling that excuses are for losers and thy are like homing pigeons that always find their way home.
I think everyone that is everyone should have this mindset in him or her. Not sound to belong to that group that comes out with all manners of disappearing acts real or invented just to shirk responsibility.

I found it hard to comprehend how an organized man would start agreeing to what he or she should simply say no to and retain his honor. Being good we have heard a million times is not always saying yes. Saying No when it will serve both sides well is an equal sign of Love, a sign of being mature. Why would anyone who claims to be an adult say Yes when he is sure he won't be able to see it through?

It is not a sign of maturity. It's sending mixed and wrong signals to people even those that are not directly impacted by your Yes and No replies. Impressions are what stick like glue in the hearts of people. Never say for sure, they will understand that "my yes means no" or that they will know how busy I had been or something. Why would they know? Or why would they understand when you are supposed to say no, you said yes, and turn up to do the bad work of it out of tiredness, anger or just to meet obligation?

The only thing saying no will ever do when it is the right answer is make someone extremely angry but safeguard your reputation before the person and others. Failure travels faster than success even when the same driver and means of transportation remain unchanged. It's very easy for a reputation that takes you more than a decade of hard work to put together to go kaput in under a week due to trying to please or greedy to gain something when you are not at your best.

The holy book said: let your No be No and let your Yes be Yes. This means: knowing yourself and knowing when your yes is supposed to be Yes and when it is supposed to be No. It's that simple. Why risk reputation just to gain a few customers, friends, or a few amounts? It doesn't work that way.

People have this nature in them that when something comes easy, we don't value it but when we sweat to get it, we try to sweat to safeguard it. That's our nature. Yes, all the time isn't always the right word to use. Nothing empathic in such a situation.

Our society is as it is today due to this simple ideology and many people are suffering today due to the same ideology of saying Yes where No is supposed to be the correct answer. Some even say the opposite of what they are supposed to say out of fear real and imagined.

We always hear that on the other side of fear lies our salvation. Many still doubt this plain truth. Many have gone on to suffer stupidly in a world they are created to pass through with the least effort out of fear. I read one book entitled: "At Edge Of Eternity". This is a collection of true-life stories of people who are at the point of death and how they viewed their last moments. One Athiest, well known in America but wife a Christian. Had only a daughter and a wife dead for long. He loved the daughter so much that when she was on her deathbed, she asked the father whom she supposed to follow now at the other side. "Is it you or your mother?" This occult man with tears in his eyes told her to follow the mother. Imagine something like that. This is a man who has written many occult books and convinced many souls that God doesn't exist but it took the final hours of his daughter's days here to see the light. But he saw it and acknowledged it. That is the central message.

It's crazy thinking that by our strength or wisdom, we can stand and make it. So we kept applying nonsense earthly wisdom that has been failing the earth openly 24 hours each day for almost two decades now.

You see meeting our obligations isn't saying yes or no when the opposite should have been the correct answer just to meet obligation. It is stupidity. Obligations are not met for meeting sake, it is to do the right work we will be obligated to attach our names to without qualms. What does it profit anyone to gain a day and lose a week?

To think that it's easier to demolish than to build should have been the guiding light in whatever we are pursuing.

Knowing that the devil is a liar, traitor, deceiver, and demolisher will make anyone engaging in anything to be weary of shiny object syndrome. That good ol saying of all that glitters advice.

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