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Spinster or Cougar Are These Women's Only Options? Seriously?!And Much More Thoughts To Share:

Mar 11, 2024
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What are women's options in today's society?

-Are we subjected to being viewed through such a limited lens? In a cesspool of drooling, slobbering society. A society that ages women from the age of 30 and 35, we are already past the age of motherhood by societies standards. Since I have been a pre-teen in the late 90's I have observed more and more women becoming older mothers and today the community of career focused women has grown impeccably richer and more deeply woven, women want it all career, love, family and community. 'Real Wonder Women' the world is changing, but in my research I am seeing a backlash of reports of psychologists, writers, researchers, feminists debating about how women are changing to the extreme and how men are changing also towards an extreme and in my own spiritual studies I learned about the divine masculine and divine feminine to my discovery the imbalance is spiralling down through a far depts and the more I have experienced in my own life and observe in society the more I agree with the debates and the more I question how we can heal ourselves.

-Now as I say this to you out there, the aim of my article was in the title and I will continue but not without making a few other points first and throughout just to make a thorough analysis.

  • Women being harshly criticised for being in charge, female CEO'S, managers, leaders, business owners, doctors and much more. If a woman has the lead she is considered to be the worst, in power, she is seen as trouble.
  • If a women owns her sexual freedom, she is a the scarlet letter and what does this teach younger women, little girls?
  • If a woman is strong willed, she is too butch or perhaps a lesbian, she hates men and this is simply not true. If a woman doesn't accept the man's advances then she must be a tease, because anything a man says must be right, and anything god forbid if a man put's himself out there to the woman, and heaven forbid if she rejects him, then she get's called horrible names, to put her down because simply, she cannot be controlled and society hates this.

Lilith from the bible, and so it says she was Adam's first wife, but of course she was bored, she wanted to be free to explore, she was opinionated, free thinking, thought provoking, fearless, strong willed, and of course not a damsel in distress, she knew what she wanted in life, she took control and this was oh so intimidating for Adam and society wants Adam and Eve, they don't want Lilith.

Hecate, Mother, Sister/Maiden, Crone, she shows herself in the image that is needed to the witch/Healer to guide them on their path as spiritual leaders and warriors.

Joan of Arc, need I say more

Madame Curie

Kris Jenner to bring it back to nowadays, she knew what she wanted, and knew how to get it.

Michelle Obama-Political Leader

Oprah Winfrey-The Oprah Winfrey-The Show

And so many more, I could go on and on and on, maybe any of you reading this can investigate too, I've made my main point to this article for now.

These women triumphed, in their fields, their destiny, and they still strive today, even as they age gracefully and beautifully. Women of the olden days wouldn't have been treated so gratefully or thankfully, society would have just dismissed them.

But with the women's liberation of the 60s and Me Too movenment of the times, women coming forward to fight society about Harvey Weinstein isn't not clear enough that women are so much more than just Spinster or Cougar.

Society will perhaps always see women as just sexual objects, mothers, sisters, aunties, it will take a lot of progressive development because if women are too powerful society will find a way to discredit them. I experienced a situation with a male person not so long ago, he was five to ten years younger than I. We got into a debate about how women are treated it is a soar subject for most.

He went to to explain he was a feminist, and about Margaret Thatcher, I went on to mention her connections meaning if she wasn't so renowned or had wealthy connections would she have been heard, for her time perhaps she made a great opening in the road, but like many small steps together she was just one.

And this was my point he never saw the whole picture, I felt he wanted to call himself a feminist, but only to strike attention with the opposite sex. The reason I felt this was when we debated he would use aggressive tones like shouting to throw me, it made me nervous and anxious as I have trauma with men, I felt he noticed my body language my expressions.

This is also a point I make, it is so prevalent in our society, male dominance towards women, mysogyny if an intelligent, sensitive, intuitive I and much more women out there who with their voice trying to make a difference so, if a man for example does not like what the woman is saying, they provocate her.

When I began to explain a topic about spirituality, he told me I knew nothing and decided to listen to a man beside him instead, he explained his view on spirituality, my so called feminist male acquaintance was more acceptive of the other gentleman, which made me come to my conclusion of the story, he was way more acceptable of a man than a woman and all his facade about feminism was purely inauthentic.

As I sit here, I'm pondering on my thoughts, I'm trying to figure out where I go to from here, how to other writers research and continue writing from where they left off, I'm some how distracted with my own insecurities, why? Aren't we all though, we are in a society that judges us on our looks whether we are beautiful, fat thin, ugly, well ugly by the medias standards and for what, so we can compete with one another, and all for what? A man? Is that our prize?

Do we compete with love, sex, money just to get our share in this world, and do we shit on one another ignoring our sisterhood for these empty insidious prizes? Women out there are also getting plastic surgery because they are been told they have freedom of choice but what if it isn't freedom of choice, but rather a manipulation, of course to make money and a fountain of youth agenda, and perhaps further encouragement of narcissistic behaviours creating a perfect image world that doesn't exist, much like body positivity another beautiful little package just to highlight an old toxic message, that some people are good enough and others are not. The poor and working are not.

I'll perhaps make a stretch right now, an example of pretty little packages, if you are like myself, how I think you will observe how strategic society can be, all you have to look at is how the entertainment industry is linked with politics there is always psychology behind every situation this being said with people media industry, politics, church understanding this, wouldn't it now be fair to say that society knows how to manipulate our way of being, thinking and sometimes feeling particular behaviour patterns.

Society is all bout creating a pretty little package and it uses tools to share its agenda, whether it be an agenda within the beauty industry, media, religion, creating war, sounds perhaps far fetched or am I just sharing my perspective my way of divulging and purging out my deepest innermost view of this world.

I certainly don't have all the answers, I'm just relaying my views and thoughts to you in a most creative way, so in conclusion to this thought plastic surgery is just a pretty fake package it's inauthentic but massively encouraged in this society, society is also fake and what I mean by this it's an illusion of lies created to control us, creating the illusion of expansion, how progressive and yet when women seek true authenticity, growth, freedom it will always go back to they are just a woman.

A Cougar or A Spinster yes we have in society a percentage of those who will try to dismantle women's successes and overshadow our vistories by going back to how we look and you see this in the media industry but there are also trailblazers spiritual warriors that go into continuous battles time and time again fighting through the ages for what's right and I join my sisterhood always forever fighting for what's right, fighting for our freedom our voices and also for love and family because sisters we can have it all, we were all born to be abundant.

A flow of abundance of wealth, love, health, freedom to explore our sexuality freely to show our authenticity, to grow in strength for our sisters, mothers, grandmother's and ancestors.

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