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Bodybuilding For Weightloss @ Home Programming Making Weightloss Simple
Nov 8, 2021

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Christine Foutch - Holistic Physician - For Your Health, Wellness - Educational Purposes

Skeletal-Muscle is our bodily organ of locomotion. Furthermore, it is also the largest contributor to what is considered our resting metabolism.

For some additional clarity, Skeletal-Muscle plays a central role in the maintenance of our physical appearance, movement, and our metabolic health.

Metabolic benefits
To expand a bit on the metabolic benefit, increasing our lean functional muscle mass actually increases our metabolism, boosting our caloric expenditure.
This statement will hold true throughout all our bodily states. Whether circumstances are for at work, where all the physical activity increases caloric expenditures. Or during rest, while cellular adaptations of structural growth, conditioning, maintenance, and then of course repair can now take place.

To Clarify All This
Our body is uniquely designed to resist stress; forces including gravity are acting on our bodies all day, every day. Our physical ability to manipulate these forces allows for the production of our voluntary bodily movements. Unfortunately, the actual act of resisting while manipulating these forces consequently produces internal forces that can now damage our soft muscular tissues. Therefore, requiring enhancements and repair.

Free Radical Production?
During our catabolic energy metabolism, Cellular Respiration. Referring to the catabolic metabolic process of breaking down glucose to release the needed energy to produce the energy molecule of the cell. 👉This will actually drive the cellular functions.
These free radicals are naturally produced and damaging to the cellular structural components. Such as structural lipids, contractile proteins, and DNA. Requiring now, the anabolic metabolic process of the cellular structure repair continual. These cellular functions and furthermore maintenance is all quite costly in the terms of energy; therefore all will increase one’s energy expenditures; translating into calories spent.

Cellular Structural Repairs
To continue these combined internal and external forces, and oxidative damage that the body is actively combating daily literally requires, the the body to adapt; strengthening the bodily structure as a whole.

However, these adaptations are taking place at the cellular levels. Requiring the anabolic placements of cellular protein filaments, cytoskeletal stabilizing filaments, and protein contractile filaments alike; all the while cellular membranous repairs continue. These structural adaptations allow for the cell to enhance its very own functional abilities. Structurally growing while strengthening its own formation.

Bodyweight Maintenance
For bodyweight maintenance, our energy intake has to match our bodily energy expenditures. This balancing act between our energy intake and expenditure will literally go forth determining how much energy our body will actually store as fat tissue.
Skeletal muscle in the terms of energy is quite expensive. This essentially means your body spends a significant amount of energy which translates into calories just to run and maintain this tissue, alone.

Therefore, there is great value in bodybuilding; increasing the amount of one’s lean functional muscle mass will considerably influence the body’s metabolism in multiple ways. Structurally growing while strengthening your own visible form.

Eating & Bodybuilding
You can directly influence the amount of muscle mass you have through your eating and exercise practices. Exercise and the conscious awareness of your nutritional intake do have the ability to make that needed positive impact, allowing for the attainment of one’s bodily goals.

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