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Believe In Yourself
Jun 30, 2021

Dear Ones,

It's so important to believe in yourself and ground yourself in the knowing that you belong and that your unique gifts and talents matter and that expressing them and letting them flourish is not only for your own joy but also for the greatest good of the whole world community.

The new energies might require something new from each of us right now, but it's good to know that we are all resourceful and that some of those innate talents and abilities might be still hidden even to our own eyes. And this is quite exciting really, to be able to learn and discover something new about yourself, your interests, your passion and your purpose.

So if you - like many of us right now - are going through time of transition and transformation, sensing that some of the old ways of being and doing are no longer working and falling away, but not having yet an exactly clear idea what the new direction, new approach, new skill is, for now just relax into the knowing that all the answers are already within you and will reveal themselves to you.

Don't see this as a challenge, but an opportunity for a new exciting discovery. When we let go of any heaviness, become lighter and let curiosity, love and adventure lead us, we activate exactly the right energies within to step in a perfect new direction. Step by step, with no map because this is an uncharted territory we enter the unknown. Knowing that life is always on the growing edge and there is always another step to take...Are you ready?

If you feel inspired join us for Loving Life Meditation (online on Zoom) or book a one to one life coaching session. I look forward to hearing from you! Lots of love, Jana

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