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Awaken your Divine Feminine...here's how

Aug 17, 2021

Several years ago, I began practicing diligent self-love and care and it took me on a journey back home to myself.

The most beautiful, transformative aspect about self-care: it's a process of reconnecting with that which you are and from where you came. It's so much deeper than simply taking care of yourself.

Because of this, you're lead down a path of new discoveries and truths that have always existed but that you weren't aware of…feminine energy and spirituality are two of these things.

Masculine energy is taking action, being logical and achieving to name a few. We also need to receive, be in touch with our intuition, and be still, otherwise we burn out and don't get to experience all that life has to offer.

Divine Feminine energy is a state of awareness connected to the feminine life force, your heart and soul wisdom, to living your most abundant life. It can be such a powerful experience to come back into your feminine energy and magic. I've come to learn that it's the feminine energy within us all that truly connects us to the Divine. It's the still, quiet energy of the feminine that connects us to ourselves and the spiritual realms.

The question I get asked the most in energy healings, Reiki Training and Circles is… how do I awaken my feminine energy? Here’s how:


Find time to slow down and connect with yourself. Creating regular times of stillness, quiet, meditation and contemplation are essential elements of activating divine feminine energy. It is challenging to hear and feel your inner voice if you never create spaces of stillness or silence. There is no right or wrong way to practice. Regular practice is the key; it is the process and regularity that creates the strengthening within you, over time.

To activate the sacred feminine path, you will need regular sanctuary, so that you can begin to open your awareness to the ways in which your Divine Feminine speaks to you. Stillness is not always a totally still body. It can be meditation, a gentle walk in nature, drinking your coffee or tea in silence whenever you get the chance, sitting on your patio in the sun, bare feet on the ground or beach, yoga, reading, lying down listening to inspirational music or it can be a healing session. Just be still. Nothing has to ‘happen’ during these periods of silent connection.

Your inner voice is linked to your sacred feminine path to the universe. Just be with whatever thoughts and feelings arise and you will discover a deep inner well of abundant resources inside your stillness. Stillness is a vital pathway to honouring and reuniting with your Feminine soul.


It's elusive and you can't quite put your finger on it, though the more you awaken it, the louder it becomes in only the way intuition can. Everyone has it, but it's presence in women is so strong it's called our sixth sense (because it transcends the physical or mental planes).

It will give you the answer, but not the why. This is why so many women feel like they're not intuitive because they think intuition would include the answer along with the feeling, but that's not how it works. Intuition is the gift of your feminine soul. Intuition is ‘all-knowing for your best and highest good’.

To really access your intuitive sense, you must be in strong connection with your ‘feeling body’, i.e., where you hold emotion in your body. A key aspect to realising your intuitive gifts is reawakening self-trust. You don't access intuition with reason and logic (the mind), it's something that can only be felt. This is a feminine energy power.

We all receive intuitive guidance in different ways. There are many ways that you can receive guidance from your Sacred Feminine channels. They can be “seeing”, “knowing”, “feeling”, all of which is intuitive guidance from your heart and are for the highest good and growth of your path, sometimes taking you out of your comfort zone and asking you to be firm and courageous, though never harmful to another person or living thing.

When you receive intuitive hunches, they may be accompanied by certain sensations. You may have a tingling or ‘goose bumps’ (my sign!), or your heart may beat faster. You may feel light-headed or have a strong energy flowing through your body, or a feeling of heightened energy, or an ‘other-worldly’ awareness that momentarily surrounds you.

Or like me, you may have a repeated urge or feeling, a deep inner knowing that will not leave you. Often, these feelings are accompanied by divine signs and synchronicity sent to validate your intuitive guidance.

Remember that intuitive impulses carry strong sacred feminine directions and information, and yet the messages (especially any calls to action) are always simple and clear. They are always loving and ultimately for your higher healing purpose. Trusting, and acting upon your intuitive impulses, are vital keys in unlocking the deep power of your spiritual feminine intuition. Some tools to help strengthen your intuition are oracle cards, pendulums, and journaling (one of my favourites).


To unlock divine feminine energies, you need to access, fully feel, and release your feelings without judgement, so the true essence of your Feminine Energy can begin to flow again. Emotions are a source of Feminine Wisdom. By giving belief to your emotions, and honouring them in yourself and others, you are tapping into your divine spiritual feminine energy. Stagnant feelings become held not only in the physical body, they are also locked in the ‘spiritual body’. This blockage can restrict the flow of divine feminine energy.

A disconnection from divine feminine spirit usually harbours a disconnection to emotions. Safe spaces are vital for the process of truly feeling your feelings and releasing deeply held emotions. You may find this safe space with close friends, a counsellor, a therapist, a spiritual mentor, or a supportive healing circle. Give yourself a ‘container’ that is based on total trust and clear boundaries.


When you create simple ritual and ceremony – just as easy as lighting a candle for yourself, your divine feminine essence awakens. Your feminine soul energy naturally responds to beautiful, devotional spaces that have been created with love and intention.

Sacred spaces can be as simple as a few beautiful and meaningful items: a fragrant candle, crystals, elements of nature, cloths, incense, images or statues of divine beings, that carry meaning for you. Ensure that when you create your space, only use it for connecting with the divine as your sacred space will become infused with feminine energy and will have a powerful effect on your consciousness, if used with regularity.

Reconnecting with the Moon is a powerful ritual to introduce into your self-care routine. Masculinity is represented by the Sun and femininity by the moon so it only makes sense that the moon will guide you back to yourself. In addition to connecting with your own cycle, reconnecting with the moon is very similar and it's a powerful monthly visual that reminds us to honour all the cycles of manifestation. The New Moon is the time when you plant a new seed or intention. The Full Moon is a time to release, forgive and feel gratitude.

It's such a beautiful, powerful ritual to connect with and awaken your divine feminine. Masculinity is represented by the Sun and femininity by the moon so it only makes sense that the moon will guide you back to yourself. I believe all women feel a special connection with the moon. It cycles just like we do. Its soft while being extremely powerful, affecting our tides and all of nature. One of the most transformative aspects of my self-love routine was when I began adding in my New Moon and Full Moon self-care rituals. Those are nights that I connect with my higher self and receive guidance and inspiration. It's also a perfect way to schedule a self-care ritual a month.


As women, we can become disconnected from certain parts of our bodies. it's a very powerful thing to begin to heal the relationship you have to certain parts of your body that you have disconnected from. Your body is your most accurate barometer for sacred feminine truth and wisdom. Your body also gives you signals when something is ‘off’ in your life and out of alignment with your soul path and energy. This happens as a way for your body to alert you and let you know that you need to heal certain beliefs you have about yourself and past experiences that are still hurting you.

To reawaken to your true divine feminine consciousness, pay attention to your body’s messages. Being in touch with, and healing past hurts within your body is a crucial step towards awakening your inner power. Many Souls who are called to awaken Divine energies hold emotional residues of past life abuse and trauma in their bodies as well as experiences of physical, sexual and emotional abuse within this present lifetime. As the vibration of the Divine stirs within the energy bodies, the physical body will desire to shake off and release old trauma held in the tissues and cells. This is vital practice as Divine Feminine consciousness begins moving through the entire being.

This kind of energetic clearing can be assisted with body-healing therapies such as holistic massage, connected breath work, meditation, yoga and many other forms of bodywork that tap into your deep-held emotions. Connecting with your body regularly strengthens your body wisdom to being present, loving, accepting and compassionate with your body, opening your divine feminine energies, helping you to come into greater connection with your inner voice, enhance the flow of self-acceptance as well as nourish your physical and spiritual bodies.

I've been on my path of awakening, healing and transformation for over 25 years. Honouring my divine feminine intuition has progressively strengthened my connection to the spiritual world as well as developed my ability as a healer and shown me what my life purpose is.

To deepen your connection to your Divine Feminine, it takes commitment, soul work, surrender, trust... Align with your full potential, your heart energy, your higher guidance and the woman you truly desire to be!


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