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Acceptance and Letting Go

Jun 17, 2021
Jana Krychtalkova
Core Spirit member since Oct 29, 2020
Reading time 2 min.

Dear Ones,

there is something so powerful about acceptance. At first sight it might look like giving up on something but this couldn't be further from the truth. As what you resist persists, trying to change any situation while at the same time pushing against it is futile. It becomes very clear when we watch martial arts as there is nearly an elegant, almost effortless movement to it and not pushing and pulling. To be able to move effectively in a new direction in our lives we have to be first in harmony with the natural energies of the benevolent accepting universe. Once we are at peace we are like a calm lake. And when you throw a pebble into a calm lake the ripples reach very far, whether throwing it into a stormy lake wouldn't create much movement. Your intention for the new direction is like throwing that pebble. You want to throw it into a calm lake…

Being at peace with yourself starts with allowing yourself to feel any feelings that might arise in your everyday life experience. The conditioning makes us resist situations and events in our lives by suppressing the feelings. This happens so early in life that it becomes such an automatic habit that most of us don't even realise we do it. But suppressing anything which arises naturally means resisting the nature of who we are. The feelings and emotions only represent the energy which doesn't get lost and still influences us, in this case on the unconscious level.

When we learn to welcome any feelings, even those considered as difficult such as fear, anger or guilt, we learn that this is a sure pathway to liberation and clarity. You can imagine that you are opening your arms and your heart space widely and totally embracing any feelings. You feel them fully without making more of them and then you let them go. When we welcome any feelings we are like an open blue sky, allowing the clouds to come in and leave effortlessly. And in doing so we no longer create inner conflicts, struggle or confusion. We become transparent, open minded and loving and are able to see the new opportunities and direction more clearly with no filters of any past unresolved suppressed stories…

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