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Spiritual Healing

Jul 13, 2020

When we are ill, our first port of call is to visit our doctor or other medical provider. Among the pleasantries when we first enter their surgery, we are asked, “what can I do for you?” We sit there explaining how we are feeling and what symptoms we might have. They listen to our concerns, perhaps taking our blood pressure, perhaps examining the area of our body that is giving us problems. Usually, unless we specifically say, an orthodox general practitioner will not ask us, “how are you feeling inwardly today?” “How is your spirit?” “Are you happy with your life, are there areas in your life giving you concern or worry?” With growing human population, so the demands on the social and health systems get stronger, and perhaps it comes as no surprise that our healthcare providers, (especially physicians) are now known to be overstretched, and with a tremendous workload that leaves many of them unable to ask after their patient’s mental, emotional or psychological well-being. As a result of being unable (or unwilling) to ask about and address underlying spiritual, emotional or psychological needs, it seems that all too often the patient leaves with a prescription to manage the symptoms, without consideration of other underlying factors. In some cases, they may be contributing to the symptoms, but in others they may be directly causal. We know that many people are unique in their DNA make-up and their psychological expressions, even though we all look similar outwardly. Our bodily functions may be the same, but we are in fact unique from each other, individualised physically and by mind, heart and spirit. The resulting widespread use of pharmaceutical interventions is well-known to result in people suffering from side effects, drug allergies, and even fatal reactions, and these are even more tragic if the medications are unnecessary. But where is the evidence that our emotional state can impact our physical health? Many of us can relate to the concept of a “tension headache”, where a very real and tangible symptom is borne out of nothing other than the power of the mind. The feeling of “butterflies in the stomach” before an exciting event, or the crushing ache of a “broken heart” that can be so severe that it actually leads to physical changes in the heart shape and function (known as Takotsubo cardiomyopathy). High levels of chronic stress can contribute to high blood pressure, resulting in physical injury to the heart, blood vessels, brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, even our eyesight can suffer. People infected with human immunodeficiency virus progress faster to AIDS if they are depressed, and cancer survival has also been linked to mental attitude. To bring this all together, one recent study looking at 35 years of follow-up for over 13,000 people in retirement found that a “positive mental attitude” was associated with a 20 to 25% reduction in the risk of death. (Annlia Paganini-Hill, Claudia H.Kawas,& Maria M Corrada. Positive Mental Attitude Associated with Lower 35 year Mortality: The Leisure World Cohort study. J Ageing Res. 2018; 2018; 2126368)

And so, we know our thinking can influence our health and well-being. Science and the medical profession now concede from research and evidence that when life is feeling good and we are happier we enjoy good health. On the other hand when life turns sour and we find ourselves burdened with worries, financial or otherwise, our bodies defence, our immune system is compromised leaving us open and vulnerable to illness and disease. We know from experience that a compassionate loving heart, human contact, a gentle touch or word can carry huge healing energy. The opposite is also true, and harsh words or actions can injure us inwardly. All sentient creatures are susceptible to positive and negative energy. A Spiritual Healer believes in the premise that we are more Spirit than physical. They follow the belief and theory that everything on planet Earth is energy, extending out into the universe, the core of which is Spirit. To put it another way, it is our Life Force, an energy linked into the energy of all Life Forms all of which originate from the same source of all beginnings, a Universal Energy, a Super Consciousness, a Creative Force, God if you prefer of all creation. Many people fail in the recognition of their Spirit believing it to be a fringe concept. Yet many at some point in their lives may experience and felt a sudden elevation of their “Spirit”, the elevation of their Life Force. For example, when we feel happy, the world around us can feel right, whether it is or not, giving us a tremendous sense of well-being and ease. Spiritual healing is thus about elevating our Life Force, stimulating its energy, a Spiritual component bringing harmony to disharmony. It is about bringing balance to the imbalance of the body’s needs and welfare that creates dis-ease. It could be said that Spiritual Healing gets to the “core of the matter” producing a rippling effect of well-being throughout the entire body. As opposed to just treating the symptoms like orthodox medicine and practitioners do, healing via the Spirit treats the whole person in a very holistic organic way.

A Spiritual Healer is someone who is sensitive to the hidden energies around them, the celestial healing energies of Spirit and the Universal Force. They are able to become “attuned” to those in need of the healing energies, for example, like the massage therapist who can intuitively seek out muscle tension, or the psychiatrist who can sense a patient’s fear or anger. There are many ways in which this healing potential may become manifest. For some, the healing potential awakens and develops over time, whereas for others, the healing potential may awaken overnight at a turning point following a life changing traumatic event. Either way, compassion, caring and sympathetic awareness grows from a personal understanding that earthly life is short and tender, and that human beings and other sentient creatures, and planet Earth itself are not infallible. The healing potential forms an awareness of Spirit through personal experiences and awakens the knowledge that all life is precious. There is often an urge to reach out for those less fortunate, perhaps victims of their own mental, emotional or psychological urges, or the negative urges of others. For some people, the healing potential is a “gift” often inherited from previous generations. However, not everybody is attuned for it, and so do not have what it takes for ongoing healing development. True healing potential requires us to be born with this innate characteristic for it to develop and be drawn out, and when the healing potential is there, ongoing Spiritual development is essential along with an appreciation and respect for Spirit. The qualities and character we might expect from a healer are myriad. Obviously, a connection in some way to Spirit, and in that way often an appreciation of silence, solitude, and meditative practices. Meditation can come in many forms, physical through Yoga or other exercise, visual through artistic media, or auditory through the creation and appreciation of music. But conversely, in order to Heal, they must be willing and able to seek out and connect with other people, and so in this sense, is a form of self-sacrifice. The recognition of dis-ease in other living creatures is enough to motivate them to help. Compassion, empathy and tolerance of the fallibility of the human condition are therefore innate to them, perhaps as qualities they were born with, or perhaps awakened after particular experiences. The healer is thus someone who has been on a long journey towards self: assessing, learning and teaching along the way, demonstrating that learning and teaching is a perfect circle. The healer must be dedicated to improving their Spiritual awareness, that all life is energy and Spirit- because the more aware they are of this connection, the more effective they will be. It should be clear however, that the healer does not heal per se, but becomes a passive channeller devoid of any mundane human concerns, guided by Spirit to target concentrated Spiritual healing energy to the areas of the client’s physical form where the healing energies are needed the most, stimulating their Spirit to have a rippling effect throughout the whole body. It could be said, the healer is the transmitter, the client, the receiver.

The ability to link into the healing energies of the Universal Spirit can be found in many forms. For example, some people seem able to connect with the living forces of plant life through their “green fingers”. They seem to have the Midas touch when it comes to gardening or working on the land. Other people are said to have “healing hands” as it is found that all sentient life responds to their human touch and kindness. Some people have a unique caring way when dealing with those less fortunate, whether Homo sapiens or other species of animal. Some people make excellent doctors and nurses, carers or veterinary surgeons or charity workers. They just seem to have a natural knack in their professional life. And there are those that “care” in their daily lives who often go unrecognised. Thus we can see, the notion of Spiritual Healing can be found without anyone ever giving it much thought. Furthermore the way the healer manifests their ability may differ. Having inherited the gift of Spiritual Healing I believe, from lifelong experience, in its power. So, in recognition of the universal energies around me, I always begin a healing session by quietly saying a prayer to myself. It goes like this, “I call upon the archangels and the Holy Spirit, and I call upon the Spiritual healing workforce to please come forward and assist me in this program of healing”. This is followed by quietly going into a meditative state, a light trance as it were, where the healing medium is said to be “overshadowed” by the healing energies of the Spiritual world while remaining fully aware of what they are doing and what others are saying around them. This state of semi-trance happens when the medium feels a sense of detachment, a sleep like condition as if viewing things through a haze. Nevertheless, I can still influence what takes place around me and return to a normal stage of consciousness very quickly. Sometimes, I can go into a deep trance whereby feeling at-one with Spirit, resulting from complete trust which has developed over many years. Healing mediumship might involve several states of altered consciousness according to the medium’s individual Spiritual development, skill and progression.

With contact healing or near-to-the-body healing, the healing influences of Spirit rely on the healer becoming “connected” to the patient through the vehicle of touch or near-touch. In all cases of Spiritual healing, the healer is guided by the Spiritual forces and the Spiritual energies to the areas of the patient’s body where the healing energies are needed the most. The healer, as a human being must develop and evolve Spiritually before they become attuned to the healing energies of Spirit while remaining utterly passive to human urges and the mundane world around them. It could be said, the healer has to “give” of themselves to the Spiritual world which in turn “gives” to other life in earthly form hence the phrase, “from Spirit, through Spirit, to Spirit”. Or put another way, a blending of Souls. As we grow Spiritually, so too does the power of positive thought. As we develop positive thought, so too do we grow Spiritually. These are serious considerations for Spiritual healing especially with Distance healing which involves the capacity to send healing thoughts or prayers to someone that might not be in the same room. Whereas, Absent healing can be projected to many people at once anywhere in the world. Both types of healing rely on thought or prayer, the healing influences of Spirit to work through the healer’s telepathic faculty or the ability to go into a meditative state that relies on focus and deep concentration. In other words, the more powerful the psychic, intuitive, telepathic faculty is, along with a positive faith in the healing goodness of a Creative Force and the administrators of a Spiritual world, the more powerful the thought and prayer processes are likely to be. It should be said however, that neither Absent nor Distant healing relies on faith alone, therefore is not the same as Faith healing. In all aspects of Spiritual healing, the healer always acts as an intermediary or conduit for Spirit from the Spiritual world to the patient’s Spirit hence its title, “Spiritual healing” and the phrase, “from Spirit, through Spirit, to Spirit”. So, does Spiritual healing ever fail? Because we are all uniquely different from each other, it follows that some of us could be susceptible to inherited health problems, while other people are more susceptible to their karma which is the outcome of cause and effect, a process of Natural Law. Hence, the Spirit world cannot eliminate sickness and disease here on earth, any more than the Spirit world or (orthodox medicine) can eliminate the multitudes of different negative urges attributed to sentient behaviour. So, to answer our question “does Spiritual healing ever fail?” The answer is, yes it does sometimes. But mostly it works in wondrous ways that go unrecognised as such in our daily lives. Copyright© Carol Statham 2020

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