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A Ruffled Mind Makes A Restless Pillow

Jun 18, 2021
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A Ruffled Mind Makes A Restless Pillow

We all know that a good sleep equals productiveness and better brain function but are we all getting the right amount of acquired sleep? Probably not. So we are going to delve into what we can do to help ourselves get zzzzzz's for a more less snappy you and a more calm productive you in the mornings.

A good night's sleep is just as important as exercise and a healthy diet. If you are not getting enough sleep, this will affect your day to day mind, actions, diet and brain function. It can also increase weight gain and decrease your exercise.

7 Tips For A Better Sleep

💤 Get fresh air during the day
This will help your lung capacity to breathe in fresh, clean air which in turn will bring oxygen and nutrients to your blood, refreshing your body. Breathing using your diaphragm and your intercostal muscles, the muscles in between your ribs will help the blood to function more efficiently and in turn be able to get more blood to the brain quicker, allowing more oxygen to the brain. This allows the mind to switch off for a better nights sleep.

💤 Reduce your blue light capacity in the evenings
Blue light is emitted through screens of mobile devices, so try to switch off at least 2 hours before your bed time. The blue light tricks your brain into thinking its daytime so reduces the hormone melatonin, which helps with relaxation and your deep sleep pattern.

💤 A calming bedroom
Factor's which contribute to a nice calm area in your home will be to:
- Reduce outside noise by having heavier full length curtains, more cushions and bedding on the bed to absorb the noise,
-The right temperature (not to hot or to cold, around 20 degrees will be the optimum temperature)
- Reduce external lights and re arranging bedroom furniture.
- Have a look into fen shui, a lot of people believe it can help reduce the stress in a home.
- Calming colours on your bedroom walls and not to bright. This will affect your brains function to switch off.
- Have comfy cushions and soft materials in your bedroom. This will help brain function to be calm.

💤 Use a lavender eye mask or have lavender under your pillow
Lavender is a proven way to help relax your busy mind. It helps to calm and slow your heart rate and relaxes your muscles resulting in a more relaxed state. It also increases drowsiness to help you feel sleepy.

💤 Meditation
These help to relax and calm your mind and improve the quality of your sleep. Find a nice quite area in your home and come to a comfortable seated or laying down position. Follow a guided meditation or breathing technique.

💤 Exercise regularly but not before bed
Exercise stimulates the hormones epinephrine and adrenaline which sets your brain into overdrive but then also gives off the happy hormone endorphins. It is totally due to the individual on how these hormones affect your own body. I love exercising in the evening and this definitely helps me to sleep.

💤 The bottom line…
is to get enough sleep to help you feel and function well. 6-8 hours per day is enough for most people. Listen to your body and use the intuition within you for it to tell you how you are feeling and how and when it needs sleep.

Do you have problems sleeping? I know I suffered with sleeping when I was stressed in my previous job. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep. I used to do Legs Up The Wall Pose, which really helped me to keep calm and fall asleep. To do this, shimmy your buttocks as close to the wall as you can and then bring your legs up so your feet are stacked over your pelvis. Have lots of cushions around you or rest your head on a pillow. Stay here for 5 minutes or more.

I would love to know what you do to go to sleep? How do you sleep? Do you get quality sleep? Let me know in the comments below.

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