8 Best Life Coaches Online in 2022
Jun 16, 2022

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8 Best Life Coaches Online in 2022

Find top certified life coaches with reviews

Life Coaching is a great opportunity for those looking to find their purpose, be guided to the right direction, and acquire confidence. A certified coach can bring your life to a whole new level as well as unlock your potential. If you feel scared, uncertain or lost in life, do not hesitate to book a discovery session with one of the coaches below. Here is our list of certified life coaches with 5-star reviews.

  1. Eline Kieft

Eline Kieft facilitates empowerment and transformation through movement and a variety of shamanic techniques. She offers online Qi Gong classes, workshops, 1:1 Coaching and healing sessions.

Her background includes professional dance, BA and MA degrees in (medical) anthropology and a PhD in dance. She inspires an Embodied, Heartfelt & Soulful approach to Health & Spirituality.


I booked an introductory session with Eline because we were both exploring this platform to see how it could benefit both of us in our coaching practices. After discussing this for about 20 min, Eline asked me if I had any issues I wanted to address. I told her about an issue and she immediately identified a core theme. She then told me how to address this, in the most original, intuitive and sensitive way! She really opened my eyes -- and in only ten minutes! So imagine what she can do for you in a 30-min introductory session! I highly recommend this gifted teacher and coach! Thank you Eline -- I have been doing the meditation you created for me every day since our session. I feel more confident now about going out into the world to share my gifts!

Book a session with Eline: https://corespirit.com/services/transformational-coaching-exploration-session-vg0wc4

  1. Alyssa Kelliher

Alyssa is a Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, and an Attorney. She helps her clients reach their goals with self-love. She will help you shift your mindset and identify blocks that are holding you back. You'll implement systems that work for you and take actionable steps towards your goals. Take control of your life and foster great relationships with yourself and others.


Ayssa was delightful to work with in every way.

Book a session with Alyssa: https://corespirit.com/services/coaching-consultation-t2mhe9

  1. Lyn Smith

Lyn helps women attract / create healthy romantic relationships, by healing past hurts, traumas, heartbreaks & reclaiming your feminine power, so you can stop feeling lonely, confused & stuck. Instead enjoy more passion, intimacy & fulfilment. She cares, she understands, and wants to serve YOU. Her mission - to have a positive impact in reducing divorce, domestic violence, self-harm & suicide.


Lyn was a great coach for my relationship conundrum! Her listening was very astute, and she was easy and safe to relate to. Also her explanations and suggestions for how to move forward were extremely supportive and helpful. If you are struggling in your love relationship I would definitely recommend that you book a session with Lyn! Thank you Queen of Hearts! <3

Book a session with Lyn: https://corespirit.com/services/discovery-call-77imy5

  1. Pauline Dougald

Pauline is a Flow State Coach that works within the intersection of Focus, Creativity and Personal Growth. ​She helps busy professionals hone in focus to unlock their creativity and be more productive in their business.


Pauline was amazing to work with! Her excellent understanding of "Flow State" had me so intrigued. I'm now learning more about it thanks to her! I will certainly book another session with her, and definitely recommend her to others.

Book a session with Pauline: https://corespirit.com/services/flow-state-at-work-consulation-5w15nq

  1. Jessica Gladkevitch

As a health coach specializing in thyroid and autoimmune disorders, Jessica uses a unique blend of scientifically proven strategies, behavioral theories and practical skills to help her clients achieve lasting changes to acquire and live in optimal health within their condition.


My first meeting with Jessica went very well. She was very caring, kind and knowledgeable. During our meeting, she took the time to listen and learn about to me really understand my needs. She even answered follow up questions via email post our initial virtual meeting. I will be purchasing a package to work with Jessica.

Book a session with Jessica: https://corespirit.com/services/introductory-session-fk5lz5

  1. Arevik Hayrapetyan

Arevik is a TEDx Speaker, Life and Relationship Coach, Mental Health Advocate. The areas she specialises in: relationships, self-love, mental health, self-confidence, personal development, communication skills, stress, anxiety, emotional intelligence, inner child healing, conscious parenting, law of attraction, career, work-life balance, life purpose, positive habits, success mindset, spirituality.


For someone to literally take 5 minutes to get under your skin and then speak in first person - now that is a brilliant skill and one that Arevik has in ample. Besides, being a good listener; she also has a unique way of calmly laying down the facts and then leading you to the 'real' cause. I am grateful for everything she has done!

Book a session with Arevik: https://corespirit.com/services/breakthrough-coaching-session-relationships-self-love-self-confidence-zv73a8

  1. Gemma Sheppard

Gemma BSc (Hons) is an empowerment coach who is fully committed to her clients. Using her extensive psychology knowledge and direct approach, Gemma helps clients re-evaluate their goals and motivations. Having Gemma alongside you on your journey, will give you the support and motivation you need to make positive change and stick to it.


Gemma was amazing, she helped me to think rationally and helped me to break my thoughts down into manageable tasks when I was feeling overwhelmed. Further to this, I have been able to develop my organisational skills thanks to Gemma and the way she encourages thinking which has helped me in my personal and professional life. She was always friendly and I felt completely at ease with her, I knew I could say anything with no judgement and she would listen attentively and help me reach solutions. Overall impact was excellent 10/10 would recommend.

I received clarity coaching from Gemma in the early months of the pandemic and also during a transitional and turbulent period in my life. I benefit greatly from my call with Gemma, whom is articulate, warm and pragmatic in her approach. At the time, I felt overwhelmed with life and my brain scrambled, and demotivated because of it. I needed someone to talk with to help identify what aspects of my life were the most useful to focus on and to prioritize which of my goals I needed to focus my energy towards, while making achievable action plans to accomplish them. Gemma helped me slow down and be more explicit. Being coached can be uncomfortable and challenging, but she did an excellent job at being a compassionate while also competent coach. I highly recommend her. She’s a real one.

Gemma is an incredibly talented, compassionate, and authentic coach. Her values matched mine and that is one of the reasons she immediately gained my complete trust. I am not usually comfortable speaking to people, but she was a good fit for me. She has challenged me to think about myself and my life in different ways. She helped me better identify personal and professional goals and priorities. With her encouragement as well as her strategies, I was able to make significant changes, and take action to achieve my goals. Her uplifting, positive, and fun personality make her easy to open to and wonderful to work with and I highly recommend Gemma to anyone looking for direction in their life.

I am eternally grateful for Gemma’s guidance! being new to the whole coaching thing was a bit of a challenge for me, especially in this huge transitional time in my life, honestly I felt like I had more questions that I wanted answers to than anything. Through Gemmas direction and I was able to tap into my own power and come up with solutions that were comfortable for me and realistic to my own situation. Gemma helped me foucus on my goals and inspired me to stay on target. I felt very comfortable with her coaching style and greatful for the encourament to fight through my road blocks and find my insipiration to change my way of thinking and opening myself up to a new mindset. I hold most of what we came up with in my sessions in my day to day and I can feel so much of my power and my passion come out. It is so encuraging to know that most of what I got out of these sessions were all things I had inside of me already and for gemma to be able to pull it out of me was quite incredbile.

Book a session with Gemma: https://corespirit.com/practitioners/19369

  1. Helen Amery

Helen guides you back to your essential nature and out of the confusion of the illusion of self. She helps you awaken to the truth of ‘no self’ and enlighten from the confusion of stories that have been collected around it. In this clarity you live with love, connection and trust in each moment whatever the moment presents. Prior to nondual she practiced as a psychology-based coach.


It’s been life-changing for me….I feel very light, very calm and I feel like the work has helped me create space. I get an increased feeling of flow. I recommend Helen to anyone that’s interested in understanding more about how we are in the world

Helen is a wonderful guide who brings crystal clarity where there is confusion. Her grounding and depth of understanding allows clients to trust the process wholeheartedly and she compassionately holds the space throughout the inevitably challenging aspects of returning to true nature.

I have had several transformational insights during coaching conversations with Helen. She has a knack for listening deeply for the truth of the matter, and I’ve found her ability to lovingly expand my perspective so valuable as I’ve faced some major personal growth, business and career transitions, and challenging relationships. I appreciate that she draws on a variety of coaching models, and has the ability to bridge the spiritual with the ordinary. She is one of the most caring people I’ve met and has a gigantic heart that will help heal yours.

Book a session with Helen: https://corespirit.com/practitioners/18713

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