5 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Mental Health
Nov 23, 2021

Ndumia Rose
Core Spirit member since Sep 3, 2021
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Mental health problems are a combination of many factors that can be caused by many issues surrounding you. The ability to cope with challenging situations varies from one person to the other.People perceive information or news differently. For some, it's a combination of factors that overwhelm daily life, while others are emotions.

Lifestyle factors like diet, lack of sleep, drugs, and work can affect your mental well-being. However, some mental problems run in the family, like schizophrenia. However, researchers haven't found any specific gene that causes mental health problems.

Some factors affecting your mental health are:

Loss of a Loved One

When it comes to the loss of a loved one, no one is strong. People have ways of grieving with diverse emotions. Emotions you feel when someone significant leaves you are okay. It's natural to go through emotional and physical processes. While mourning is a step towards healing, any unattended feelings that create deeper wounds can cause mental problems.

There is no time limit for griefing, which makes the pain overwhelming. If going through tough times, it's good to look for help. Talking to a professional or a friend will ensure you maintain your mental health in check. Failure to do so may cause a mental breakdown.

Feeling Unloved

Children who feel unloved or uncared for by their parents will have problems adjusting to life as adults. They are more likely to develop low self-esteem. Such triggers affect the mental aspect of their childhood, making it hard for them to cope with others. Such people have a terrible adult life. They don't feel like other people care about how they feel and do not air their opinion.

If only all parents could understand and positively take up their role in a child's life. There could be reduced cases of mental health in the long run. A happy child makes a happy society.

Poverty in Childhood

Poverty leads to incidental mental disorders such as schizophrenia, dementia, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. The affected person is unable to concentrate in school or has low attention-related behaviors. When one is stressed, the body releases many hunger-causing hormones called cortisol—extreme hunger results in an emotional stress response.

Many poor people are at risk of stress and depression due to the number of unmet needs.

Prolonged Physical Health Condition

Long-term illness increases the risk of having mental health problems. Physical health and mental health are interconnected. When one is affected, the other is at risk. Though having a mental health problem does not necessitate the presence of physical problems. It is advisable to seek medical attention to confirm the major causes of long-term illness. For example, frequent headaches are known signs of depression. That's why you need medical care to rule out depression.

Domestic Violence and Trauma

Imagine a woman who has experienced physical abuse from her husband. What about that child raised by such a family? Emotional, physical, sexual, or verbal abuse has a long-term effect on your mental health. Trauma kills self-confidence and affects how a person relates to others,

Symptoms such as anxiety, emotional isolation, self-destructive behavior, and insomnia develop. Domestic violence victims tend to close themselves as low-self esteems take over. It might result in sudden attacks of fear. Unless the victims seek help from a professional counselor or therapist to curb harmful thoughts, the situation might worsen.

Facts About Depression

Anything that affects your mind and body is harmful. If you or your loved one is undergoing a challenging experience, it's advisable to speak out. Shout and call for help when need be. Please don't wait until it's too late. A professional therapist will advise you on the measures to take.

Mental health problems affect people from different races and origins. Meanwhile, eat well, exercise, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Afsheen Shah
Sep 1, 2022

I enjoyed this article on mental health. There are so many factors that effect our mental health that many people do not think about.

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