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I am a psychic clairvoyant, empath, Healer, intuitive along with a host of other gifts. Hello everyone, GiftedSoul here! I came up with this concept just by sitting at home in my bed and thinking about life. Spirit literally decided to pick my brain and I knew I just had to make this apart of my practice. This is a massive oracle reading in which was designed to assist you on your path to healing regardless of what you have been through. Even if you haven’t experienced much, this will allow for you to have a way to cope through future situations as well by looking back at this reading at a later time. Save it and put it away until you need it. This is not meant to be predictive or answer any specific questions. What I need from you- Just your first name. I do NOT need anyone’s birthdate or zodiac sign. I am Psychic and read energy. The decks that I am using within this reading are: The quantum oracle created by Sandra Anne Taylor Life purpose oracle created by Doreen Virtue Spell casting oracle created by Flavia Kate Peters The secret language of color oracle created by Inna Segal Crazy Sexy Love Notes/Messages From Your Wise & Fabulous Inner Self cards created by Kris Carr Sacred Destiny Oracle Created by Denise Linn The Power Of Surrender cards created by Judith Orloff, M.D The Starseed Oracle created by Rebecca Campbell This will be a video reading. Length will vary from person to person. Mostly Likely no more than 30 - 45 minuets in duration. Once the reading is completed I will send you an unlisted youtube video link where you can view your reading. Unlisted means that it is for YOUR eyes only. It is only available to others if you share the link. I will only be sending it to you. Please do allow me time to respond to your inquiries. Immediate Service is not possible. Please do not expect for me to get started on your reading as soon as I receive your order/payment Keep in mind that it can take time to get things done. I don’t stop being human just because I have a gift. . I feel like a lot of people tend to forget that. I will try to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours upon receiving notifications. Waiting time for your order depends on the services purchased and other factors. I am not online 24⁄7 please bare with me. This is not my main or only platform providing services so I may forget to login here and there. Please do know that it’s not intentional. I am not perfect, I strive only to do my best in guiding others onto a better path, but there is always free will which I cannot control that of another person. There are a lot of things that go into having psychic abilities. It’s not at all what society tells you it should be, it’s quite the opposite. It goes beyond knowing things. *Disclaimer*- Results may vary from person to person and may not be subjective to your specific situation. Although I have a high accuracy level please do view this as entertainment only. Please do not use my services as a substitute for any health (including mental health and other disorders), legal, financial or any other advice given to you by a qualified professional. I am not responsible for any consequences based upon an action you chose to take following a reading by me. *Disclaimer- *Disclaimer- The image is from a copyright free website that provides free photos to the public for fair use. The text is created by me. Background @quinoal or Quino Al via You must be 18+ for any of these services.

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GiftedSoul here! An average small town girl who just so happens to have psychic abilities. I come highly recommended and I am most known for my level of accuracy and my perspective on how I view the world to be. I can assist you in all aspects of life including love&relationships, finances, career and more. I am also a healer.
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