You are not ALONE

$10 USD
$10 USD

Do you think it's your fault you haven't found your partner yet? Or that you are the problem because the relationship is not working? Do you feel isolated, set aside?

Maybe it's time to see the situation from another perspective, a quantum one, because love is an energetic manifestation. It is the highest and most beautiful form of vibration and feeling, and in Ba Zi (the Chinese Astrology) as well as Feng Shui, the energetic influence inside and outside us is analyzed. And maybe the answer you get with this tool will amaze you, will open your eyes, will set you free.

A love relationship based on mutual respect, attraction, and good communication is an ideal that we all want. But how do we get to this?
For all those who need answers, advice, and guidance to get out of a certain delicate circumstance that involves a couple's life or a certain moment of loneliness in life or rejection, the energetic code of Ba Zi natal chart can bring precious details:

  • of who you are and how strong is your personal element,
  • where is your blockege,
  • who is your ideal partener, your compatibility,
  • how you love and
  • when is the perfect time to find your half.

It's important to use your will to get out of this situation and be open to a Chinese Metaphysic consultation. So feel free to write your questions and I will use Ba Zi to empower your love life. To get the natal chart, i need your date and time of birth.

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I´m Carmen Oana Oglan. I have a degree in General Medicine - University of Medicine and Pharmacy ¨Gr. T. Popa¨ Iasi, Romania.
Master in Traditional Chinese Medicine - Euroinnova & European University Degree "Miguel de Cervantes", Spain.
Music Therapist - Certificate, University ¨Antonio de Nebrija¨, Spain.
5 years of classical canto with the soprano Adela Vilà Campos, ¨Zona Música¨, Spain.

23 years of practice
On Core Spirit since July 2022

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