Virtual Food Freedom Coaching

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$175 USD
$175 USD

Lying at the intersection of health and life coaching, this work around gaining freedom in your relationship to food is powerful! Unblocking this also unblocks things like our relationship health, financial health, feelings of purpose, and more. Since food and life are so intricately linked, we discuss a wide variety of topics in these sessions, and I provide you will tools that will help shift your personal beliefs, conditioning, and any traumas related to food. Can't wait to embark on this journey with you!

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I'm Sarah, an Eating Psychology Coach, as well as long-time fitness and movement professional. I work with women who are ready to step into their personal power and purpose by healing their relationship to food and their bodies. The work I do lies at the intersection of life coaching and health coaching, and I love watching people's entire lives be transformed by this type of healing!

3 years of practice
On Core Spirit since June 2021

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sarah.hackwith2021-06-15 09:54 UTC

Hi Joan! YES. Speaking from personal and observed experience, this work is very very powerful and I have seen many clients with EDs (as well as myself, previously) make huge strides in their recovery with it. As I am not a doctor, however, I will always also recommend that they have a sort of team of professionals to support them on their journey.

sarah.hackwith2021-06-15 09:48 UTC

Absolutely! What a beautiful gift :)

Michelle Collins2021-06-15 05:10 UTC

Hi! Is it possible to give your session as a gift to another person? Thx in advance :)

Joan Wilson2021-06-15 05:04 UTC

Hello! This is really interesting. Does your practice help to deal with eating disorders? Thanks in advance!

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