Triple Self

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$1855 USD
$1855 USD

Journey through the 3 areas of self; into the deep layers of your energy centers and discovery what is flowing within and out of them. Start your journey with building a practice of caring for yourself and opening the door with this powerful key to discovering what is within each multidimensional spinning wheel of life. Spin through each energy center and discover what is flowing within. Once you have opened the door, walked the path of discovery, you will start to heal. Healing will arise and descend with the currents of flow. Healing the 7 main energy centers within through this self discovery journey partnered with self healing through energy work will bring yourself into a Beautiful Balance.

1:1 Triple Self 14 week Healing Journey

self care, self discovery, and self healing

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Alberta, Canada

Women empower yourself by flowing within connecting to your life force and activating the energetic centres. Empower through expanding your mind and knowledge. Empower yourself by looking into the shadow that hide deep within to heal them. Empower through triple self- self care, self discovery, and self healing. Empower yourself to a Beautiful Balance.

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