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Energetic Distance Healing

healing session
$59 USD

Reiki is a practice done by attuned individuals- there is three levels to becoming a reiki master. Reiki focuses on healing thought life force energies. All living things contain energy- reiki focuses on bringing the universal life force within through a channel(the reiki practitioner) and sending it to the individual that is accepting and open to it. Reiki can not be forced upon someone so the individual has to be open if they shut down part way through a session it means that the individual has taken enough energies or they are not ready to heal deeper yet. Making reiki one of the safest healing modules out there.

A energy session consists of myself one ting to the women by doing a energy scan to see what is going on with the individuals energy centres- I focus around the seven major centres within us- the chakras

I than spend time in each centre just channeling healing energies or helping to release energies.

We finish the session with 15 minute consult to share what arose for me and what the individual felt. This is done through video chat or messenger.

A session is 1 hour in total and is done through distance healing

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$59 USD
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