Holy Spirit-Inspired Transit Reading: Three Months

$130 USD
$130 USD

Please book the reading at least one week out so I can prepare the chart and interpretation

Transit reading based on your relocated and/or natal chart, depending on how long you have been in a location. This is more accurate than just reading transits to the natal chart.

I also pray and cultivate my gratitude daily in order to connect with God. This benefits you because it offers me more clarity and insights that are inspired by the Holy Spirit of God Almighty.

I begin each astrology reading and call with a prayer to God for his guidance and wisdom to impart to you through the reading.

This ensures that you are dealing with an authentically benevolent spirit guiding your reading instead of the false idols that Vedic astrology and the Ascension/energy healing movements often worship.

God’s healing, wisdom, protection, intelligence, and blessings surpasses all!

  • Upcoming opportunities. How to make the most of them
  • Upcoming potential challenges. How to handle the difficult energy patterns
  • Transits of the five outer planets, solar arc directions, and major progressions
  • Goal is to help you make the most of the things being asked of you by God and by the movement of the heavenly bodies in the cosmos
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I love to help clients find their life purpose and live a more intentional life.

I’m a growth-oriented astrologer with a business background in economics, finance, and marketing. My approach to astrology is based on the belief in free will and the extraordinary ability of humans to overcome their past patterns and difficulties.

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Stormi Smith2021-05-06 21:52 UTC

Hi! What do you think about sidereal astrology?

Isabella Vien2021-05-04 19:02 UTC

Hi Anastasiia, Are you referring to the astrological method? If so, I use Equal House system in Western astrology, drawing from the psychological/growth-oriented astrological methods of Arroyo and from intuition.

Loya Griff2021-05-04 17:41 UTC

Hello! What method do you use for work?

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