Holy Spirit-Inspired Overview Natal Reading

$250 USD
$250 USD

Please book the reading at least one week out so I can prepare the chart and interpretation

Natal Chart Reading

Focuses on one area of life: career, relationship, etc.

This unique approach uses a relocated natal chart based on the client’s current location instead of the chart based on the city of birth.

This offers a much more accurate reading since the relocated chart is more active than the natal chart that’s based on the city of birth.

I also pray and cultivate my gratitude daily in order to connect with God. This benefits you because it offers me more clarity and insights that are inspired by the Holy Spirit of God Almighty.

I begin each astrology reading and call with a prayer to God for his guidance and wisdom to impart to you through the reading.

This ensures that you are dealing with an authentically benevolent spirit guiding your reading instead of the false idols that Vedic astrology and the Ascension/energy healing movements often worship.

God’s healing, wisdom, protection, intelligence, and blessings surpasses all!

A reading can include insights into:

  • Personality structure. How to overcome weaknesses
  • Central life challenges. How to overcome them
  • Purpose, calling, and careers that are most suitable
  • Where your income gains are most likely to come from
  • What makes you gain energy. How to recharge your vital energy
  • How you find contentment in life
  • Relationship challenges. How to overcome potential pitfalls
  • Optimizes your free will by giving your options to overcome chart difficulties
  • Growth-oriented outlook to astrology
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I love to help clients find their life purpose and live a more intentional life.

I’m a growth-oriented astrologer with a business background in economics, finance, and marketing. My approach to astrology is based on the belief in free will and the extraordinary ability of humans to overcome their past patterns and difficulties.

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Isabella Vien2021-05-06 15:06 UTC

Hi Sherry! Once you book a reading, I will send over a questionnaire for you to fill out. It will clude questions about your current situation and what you want the reading to focus on. Also, your time of birth, birth city, and other things that will help inform the reading. You can email me at isabe&… after you book, and I’ll send over the questionnaire.

Sherry Turnbull2021-05-06 09:23 UTC

Hello! Could you please tell me how do I prepare for a natal reading? Do I need to make a list of questions that interest me before your session? Thanks.

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