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Three soul body fusion® sessions

healing session
$45 USD

In three sessions we will establish a better contact between your soul and your body. Unlike a meditation, it is a very physical grounding experience. The actual session is about 25 minutes but we will talk afterwards about your experiences during the sessions.

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I work as a soul body fusion ™ practitioner. This is an energetic process that can release blockages on a mental, physical and emotional level. It establishes more contact between your body and your soul that can lead to more energy, a relaxed and more clear state of being, improved mood, increased ability to set boundaries, among other effects.
Sessions on site or via video calls.

On Core Spirit since January 2021

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Nick Anando
May 1, 2021

Yes, partly so. In this state your ego is in the forefront and you are in survival mode. It is near impossible to feel the guidance of your soul then. When your soul is more connected to your body it is more clear what you need in the moment. This includes leading you to the source and solution of this state (speaking from experience, unprocessed sadness and loss of integrity).

Amanda Ball
Apr 30, 2021

if I experience constant fear, anxiety, guilt, and sleep poorly, is this due to the disconnection of my soul and my body?

$45 USD
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